What looks like Pedophile Art Appears in Front of the Palm Springs Art Museum

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Article by Leo Zagami

The goal of the Public Arts Commission of the City of Palm Springs is to officially engage the community in this unique city on the importance of public art and to determine a vision for the years to come for public art in Palm Springs. However, I was shocked when walking outside Palm Springs Art Museum the other day I noticed for the first time an outdoor art display located in what locals call the, “Sand Pit,” ( future home of an underground parking lot), where I found ten huge sculptures of babies made of fiberglass, 11 ft long X 9-foot with the hashtag #PSPUBLICARTS.

They say a barcode replaces any semblance of a face on these baby statues in what is supposed to be a statement about the dehumanization of society due to big tech and data but you can’t put a barcode on a baby!!  A baby is not merchandise that you can buy and sell! 

The Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels Blog wrote, “We are betting you will have an opinion,” adding that “Czech artist David Cerny has loaned this art installation to Palm Springs through 2022.” 

Well I have an opinion but it’s not a postive one in what looks like a dehumanization and instrumentalization of children/baby bodies by the artist in question. For years we  heard about the instrumentalization of women’s bodies that supposedly lies at the heart of discrimination against women, and now we have the instrumentalization of babies bodies by an artist who in my opinion, seems inclined to promote pedophilia.

Of course, I could be wrong, but imagine for a minute if these giant fiberglass statues were sensual female bodies walking in the same way on the ground? We would never hear the end of it!  We must protect our children!


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