Vaccine Propaganda: Does One Vaccine Dose Cut Infection Rate In Half?

The latest ‘vaccine’ excitement circulating the defunct and corrupt media is surrounding a new study out of the UK’s PHE(Public Health England).

Headlines are claiming ‘One Dose Cuts Infection Rate in Half’, this rather definitive statement comes from a study of almost 1 million households who were monitored for infection rates.

One thing you will notice is how the media fail to link the study they are referring too. Why? Because you are far too stupid to read a study, that’s why those good old boys at the media are there, they can do the hard work for you.

I joke, in fact it’s because most are far too smart and a quick glance at the study reveals a few important points that the reports fail to mention, points I should add that drastically change the certainty of the headline.

From the study[1]

In households where the index case was not vaccinated before testing positive, there were 96,898 secondary cases out of 960,765 household contacts (10.1%).

There were 196 secondary cases in 3,424 contacts (5.72%) where the index case received the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine 21 days or more before testing positive, and 371 secondary cases in 5,939 contacts (6.25%) where the index case received the BNT162b2 vaccine 21 days or more before testing positive. – PHE[1]

So the comparison is, as you can see, is clearly unbalanced. We have 96,898 showing positive infection transmission out of the 960,765 unvaccinated contacts, while the unvaccinated showed infection transmission in 196 of the 3,424 vaccinated contacts.

I do not mean to preach to the choir, but one of the most important things we learn about data analysis is the significance, or insignificance of numbers. The larger the study group, the greater the accuracy.

For example, if we had 10 vaccinated people in a study group and one happens to die within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine, then technically the conclusion from the study is 10% of will die within 24 hours of vaccination. Obviously not true. 

The accuracy of this PHE study regarding the infection rates of the vaccinated is totally disproportionate to the accuracy of the vaccinated group. There is huge room for error, simply due to the significantly smaller study group.

So when the mainstream media and public health officials make such claims as “One shot cuts infection rates in half”, know now that they are lying, no such evidence exists and unless they are exceptionally incompetent and ignorant to the data then they are doing so knowingly with malicious intent.

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