Diamond Dallas Page – Take Care Of Yourself To Take Care Of Others

“You are the future Mayor, Brian!”

I recently went Live on Instagram with my good friend Diamond Dallas Page.

Dallas is a fitness expert, motivational speaker, actor and former heavyweight wrestling champion.

If anyone knows a thing or two about being an underdog it’s Diamond Dallas Page, so who better to speak to right now as we enter the final week of my London mayoral campaign and look to overturn the heavyweight two party system that has existed in the UK for decades.

Dallas made an entire career out of overcoming the odds, thanks in the main to his relentless work ethic, never say die attitude, unwavering self-belief and latent talent.

Despite setbacks and slip-ups, Dallas rose to the top and in 1999 became the World Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion at the age of 43, one of the oldest to do so in the history of the sport.

More recently he has had astounding success with his DDP Yoga brand, helping veterans, former sports stars, and anyone else who needed to get up and get active, to recover, to blossom. The transformational stories he shares on this episode are quite simply jaw-dropping!

During our conversation I also showcased my Mayoral Manifesto which is now available to download and share!

Clips Now Available To Download & Share

A number of clips from this exclusive interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word: grab these clips today!