Military Revokes Podesta Plea Deal: “Let Him Hang!”

Representatives of the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Office on Sunday informed an incarcerated John Podesta that the U.S. military had withdrawn a plea deal that would have guaranteed him a maximum sentence of life in exchange for having testified against Hillary Clinton. The terms of the now defunct agreement removed capital punishment from the table; without the protection of a plea bargain, Podesta potentially faces the same fate that befell Hillary Clinton—death by hanging.

A confidential source involved in the military’s litigation process told RRN that JAG officials spent days scrutinizing statements—admissions of guilt—Podesta had given in a closed deposition. So heinous were his crimes that JAG expressed remorse for proffering the agreement in the first place.

“Even though he’s not prosecuting Podesta’s case, Vice Adm. John G. Hannink made the decision to renege on the deal. He’s the one who offered it. The severity of Podesta’s crimes matched Clinton’s—a lot of stuff they did in tandem, together. When you think about it, there’s really no reason why he should get special treatment. He’s a sodomist [sic.].  Before breaking the deal, he called Trump,” our source said.

But Trump, our source noted, recused himself from the decision-making process, as he didn’t want his personal feelings of the defendant to interfere with military justice. The military, Trump said, should use its own discretion, based on available evidence, in deciding Podesta’s future.

“If the court wants him to hang, let him hang,” Trump reportedly said.

Podesta, our source added, wasn’t thrilled at what he termed a “last minute betrayal,” and said JAG never intended to honor its agreement and tricked him into testifying against Clinton under false pretenses. He berated and beseeched JAG officers, accusing them of violating “professional ethics,” and swore to cease cooperation.

“Podesta’s argument was moot. He’d already incriminated himself beyond redemption, and his threats of claiming he gave the deposition under pressure fell on deaf ears, and the tribunal will hear everything on Tuesday,” our source said.

Podesta’s tribunal is scheduled to begin at noon on May 4.

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