Detroit Pays $50 To Anyone Who Convinces Someone To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

In what is ironically being called the ‘Good Neighbour’ Programme, citizens of Detroit can earn $50 if they can convince another to take the new experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

Mike Duggan is banking on the idea people will be more convinced to get a shot if their friend tells them to rather than if an expert tells them to. “Nobody wants to listen to Dr. Fauci or me or Gov. Whitmer tell them one more time to take the vaccine,” he said earlier. “But they will listen to their neighbors.” –[1]

No medical training required, no research or knowledge on the vaccine required, just convince a friend to get the jab and claim the prize.

Under the expanded program, registered Good Neighbors can earn $50 gift cards for every Detroiter they usher through the vaccination process. From scheduling residents for their first dose appointments starting Monday, to driving them to vaccination sites. –[1]

There is no limit to the amount of people you can convince and how much you can earn in this programme. 

This vaccine must be really good if you need to pay others to get people to have the jab, I mean this isn’t the only form of financial incentive being issued to people to deceive others into getting the vaccine.

Instagram Models Offered $2500 to promote Vaccine

That’s right, ‘The Vaccine Confidence Project’ has been sending out emails to high follow count Instagram models asking them to promote the vaccine in return for $2500.

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