Police Murder Truther, Jeff Murray, in Cold Blood

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Police “shot and killed a man believed to be the suspect.”  

That sounds pretty convincing: “believed to be the suspect.”

“The shooting preceded a second shooting minutes later, when Greenville police officers who responded to the initial shooting used witness statements to track down the suspect, according to Police Chief Howie Thompson, who spoke to the media on Sunday.

Jeff Murray was probably framed. Someone killed a cyclist named Whitt Oliver, 44, left.

“Police found Jeffrey Mark Murray, 62, in a vehicle that pulled over outside the Greenville Fire Department station on Verdae Boulevard.

“Murray got out of his vehicle and displayed a handgun before an exchange of gunfire left Murray fatally shot. No officers were injured, police said. Thompson did not disclose the names of the officers involved.

An incident report from the Greenville Police Department had not been finalized as of midday Monday, said Lt. Alia Paramore, a spokesperson for the agency.”

Jeff Murray told family that he has been a target of “gang stalking” for more than twenty years.

He believed that a microwave weapon was being used to disrupt his sleep. People were entering his home and damaging or stealing his property. His car was also damaged. He was constantly cut off in traffic and confronted when out in public.

According to family, he didn’t own a gun. He had a hunting rifle. 

We have to take the police’s word since there were no witness to their shooting. Where is the police body-cam footage? 

Jeff graduated with honors in political science from Siena College in Troy NY. He worked as a salesman of chemical products.

Greenville SC is well known as a Masonic hotbed. 

Will a lawyer come forward to get justice for Jeff Murray, and possibly Whitt Oliver as well?

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Masons, Satanists and k*azarians fake Jews,
need to be exposed as much as possible to
wake up the people. T*rump does the M*ason
handshake . Cannot trust any in the world only
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