Is the Government Gang Stalking Patriots?

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Jeff’s friend, CM, says the government is harassing freedom loving patriots.

This includes “testing” direct energy weapons on them. You could be next.

by CM


According to Dr. Robert Duncan, a former insider who helped develop this targeting system, it’s the DOD and CIA doing this to thousands of American civilians under the guise of testing weapons. Henry, this is going to happen to everyone who takes that shot as it connect them to this system of super computers AI machine to brain interface control for their Georgia Guidestones end game.

Jeff Murray was a nice guy, homeowner prior, kind, soft spoken, unassuming; you would had wanted him as your friend. Jeff was highly intelligent which is what they look for. I’ll remember him for his thoughtfulness, not someone who would harm anyone, much less himself. No one deserves this. No one and no one should be allowed to test weapons on the unwitting, unprotected, defenceless public.

Jeff Murray did not harm anyone. It was always the other way around, harassed twenty-four seven by multiple stalkers / psychological (horrid) operations both vehicular and on foot.. he was attacked  without mercy, tortuously, in this ‘slow kill’ program. Mr. Makow, this targeting is horrendous. Its no way to live and die in a so called civilized society… They bankrupt us, alienate us from our friends, family, home.. as our health deteriorates fast from insufferable weapons testings. Many of us are former military, women, many PhD holders, whistleblowers, activist and non (random).

CEO says he knows his technology is targeting people. This is also who’s involved w/M.I.T. Darpa.


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