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Unrestricted Warfare means that parody and hoaxes are now indistinguishable from reality. When I posted the videos of people with magnetized vaccine injection sites the other day, I didn’t know for sure if these weren’t hoaxes.

Now, we learn that “manipulative magnetic nano-medicine” as the future of COVID therapy and “super paramagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine” are a thing.

The next wave of such videos are documenting how the vaccinated have EMF readings that are 20x-30x higher than normal. All the better to serve as network nodes on the Internet of Things.

Greg Reese has made this great short video on these topics.



For those of us who still have a survival instinct, the COVID-19 vaccine has been nothing but red flags, from the start. An experimental mRNA cocktail that re-wires your cells at the genetic level, everyone is supposed to get it. All negative comments are censored.

Those who question it are shamed and attacked in the public. And all this, for a manufactured pandemic, created via headlines, pop culture talking points and government shutdowns.

On a certain level, the whole thing is undeniably a psychological test. With all these blatant red flags, are you so compliant that you are willing to submit and take the shot? Or are you driven by an independent instinct to survive?

The normal, healthy response would be to question this.

Now, we have people dying after getting the vaccine. Painful side effects are becoming normalized and there are other side effects being reported. Strange ones. Several people claiming that magnets are sticking to the injection point on their arm after getting the COVID vaccine. Is there something metallic inside the vaccine, that’s strong enough to hold a small magnet?

Vaccines come with inserts loaded with small print, known famously for some, listing autism as an adverse reaction. The inserts for the COVID vaccine are intentionally left blank, so we have to search outside of the box.

A quick search will find reports on manipulative magnetic nano-medicine as the future of COVID therapy and super paramagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine”.

The first gap the transhumanists and techno tyrants need to bridge is the interface; the controversial chip. Some people these days have no problem having a computer chip implanted into their body but many of us prefer to remain without. Are the magnets responding to some form of fluid nano chip? Who knows?

The trials are happening now, the public being used as lab rats. Some people are also claiming that the vaccinated are giving off high EMF waves, above 400 for the vaccinated, at least ten times higher than the unvaccinated. What does that even mean?

Similar to how thousands of women have claimed that having contact with the vaccinated has resulted in having problems with their menstrual cycles. Some are now claiming that having contact with the vaccinated has caused mysterious rashes on their skin.

The one thing we know for certain is, say “No!” to the vaccine.