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This scene in the German film, ‘Downfall’, where Hitler realizes he is defeated in Berlin and vents his anger at his Generals has been parodied endlessly since the Obama Era.

But I think this latest one is by far the funniest and most satisfying!



General #1: And we told Biden to give China access to the power grid.

Hitler: What about our vaccine passport plan?

General #2: DeSantis banned vaccine passports in Florida.

General #3: Patriots are pushing back!

Hitler: All of our Mainstream Media assets leave now. Stelter, Maddow, Anderson, Cuomo (Several Nazis exit the room. HITLER EXPLODES). We were supposed to implement the New World Order!

But everything we do only ends up waking up more people! And now they are starting forensic audits around the country! Nobody believes that child sniffer got 80 million votes. I mean, he called himself his own husband, for God’s sake. They are exposing all of our voter fraud schemes. Changing laws, fixing loopholes.

General #3: We could just have more illegal voters flood in.

Hilter: Biden has to finish the wall. It’s all been exposed.

General #3: Mein Fuhrer, we still have Dominion on our payroll. They can’t touch us.

Hitler: They are examining those machines like Hunter Biden examined the carpet for cheese. We are screwed. Nobody believes us anymore! When we say voter IDs are racist, they don’t buy it. The Mainstream Media’s power is fading. Rachel Maddow is crying on live television like a baby.

Anons refuse to give up…That stupid Pepe the frog is memeing our people and humiliating them. I can’t believe Biden found a way to trip UP a staircase!