Electric buses

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Letter to the Editor

Electric Busses made in China

Brisbane has bought electric buses from China that are possibly and most likely loaded with Spyware and potentially miniaturized military explosive devices to disable them when needed.  Aluminum/magnesium and other alloys can be triggered to flash burn, we learnt that 60 years ago; modern science can explode specific materials by simple devices.

Four of these buses go on trial on June 14.

Very sophisticated Spyware appears to have been in many other devices manufactured there, phones, photocopiers, coffee machines etc, for over twenty years. Strange devices appeared in early photocopiers etc. the repair man did not understand, they do now. Now it appears phones are taking photographs and recordings that are automated and sending them.

Many programs have other activities, it appears if using Ticktock of Huawei your data can be manipulated, forwarded, copied, or deleted — wonder why UK, France, US and Australia object to Huawei.  

We should have brought Australian made electric buses; we refuse to travel on them and so should you.

Readers should look up the speech to Officers and Generals given 15 years ago by General Chi Haotian Vice-Chairman of China’s Military Commission and Défense Minister 1993 – 2003.


G J May

Forestdale 4118

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