TikTok Star and Bernie Sanders Fan Blasted for Showing Off $2 Million Apartment

A woman who went viral for a clip supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is being criticized for giving her followers a tour of what she claimed is her $2 million apartment.

“Nicole Sanchez, who is better known by her username Neekolul, is the TikTok star behind the viral ‘ok, boomer’ video, in which she danced wearing a ‘Bernie’ shirt. The video has been viewed more than 50 million times on Twitter since it was uploaded in March 2020,” Newsweek reported Friday.

The young woman also danced to the music again one year after it went viral while wearing a sweatshirt from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) official merchandise with the words “Tax the Rich” printed on it:

Neekolul shared a video Tuesday on YouTube titled “$2,000,000 Apartment Tour! (My New Apartment)” in which she showed viewers the kitchen, her bedroom, a large bathroom, and balcony overlooking Dallas, Texas.

She also gave a tour of her walk-in closet and what appeared to be a studio:

However, several social media users criticized her for showing off the apartment in light of her political views.

“I thought you were a Bernie supporter? Tax the rich, distribute wealth? Everyone lives equally?” one person replied on Twitter.

“Thought she was a socialist who didn’t like capitalism now she’s flexing how much money she has,” another commented.

“Being a socialist in social media is profitable after all,” yet another user replied.

As of Sunday afternoon, the YouTube video had over 2,000 thumbs up and 29,000 thumbs down.

The young woman tried to explain her views in a video shared in March and suggested they had not changed even though she was making more money, according to the Newsweek report.

“Whatever I’m making now compared to [when the ok boomer video went viral], I would see if people would be upset if I didn’t have those views anymore, and I was like suddenly, ‘I don’t care about that,’” Neekolul stated.

“That’s definitely something to be [called hypocritical], but I feel like there should be more people like me that think if you’re doing better, it shouldn’t change your train of thought. All I’m doing is standing by the beliefs that I started off with and I’m here,” she concluded.