ISIS Released Photos Of Its Cells In Southern Libya

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ISIS Released Photos Of Its Cells In Southern Libya

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On June 10, ISIS news agency Amaq released several photos of the terrorist group’s fighters in an unidentified part of Libya.

The photos show a group of ISIS terrorists preaching, guarding their hideouts and going around their daily chores in a rough desert area.

The photos were most likely taken in Libya’s southern region, which is slowly turning into a stronghold for the terrorist group just like the al-Anbar desert in western Iraq, the Homs desert in Syria and the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

Most, if not all, of the terrorist group’s recent attacks in Libya targeted the Libyan National Army (LNA) and its security forces.

Earlier this week, a suicide bomber of ISIS targeted a checkpoint of LAN security forces near the southwestern city of Sabha. Four people, including Cpt. Ibrahim Abdel Nabi Director of Criminal Investigations in Sebha, were killed. Amaq shared footage of the attack.

By releasing such photos, ISIS is attempting to promote its influence in Libya, where its supporters once held key cities and major oil fields.


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