Study uncovers serious shortcoming in holding Israel to account for torture

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Israeli police arrest a Palestinian man in Jerusalem on 26 May 2021 [Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency]

A study of the Israeli Medical Association's (IMA) complicity in the practice of torture in the occupation state has uncovered serious shortcomings within the World Medical Association (WMA). After over a decade of failing to hold the IMA to account over its alleged breach of medical ethics, Dr Derek Summerfield of King's College London has accused the WMA of "partisan violation of its mandate to be the official international watchdog on the ethical behaviour of doctors." Summerfield has presented an account of a 12-year campaign, initiated in 2009 by 725 doctors, including 115 professors from 43 countries, urging the WMA to take action over the IMA's alleged complicity in torture by Israeli security forces. His account has been published in […]

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