Senator Ron Johnson joins Rumble after YouTube censorship

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In the wake of his seven-day ban from YouTube, Senator Ron Johnson has joined the video sharing platform Rumble.

Johnson praised the platform for its pro-free speech attitude when announcing his account on the platform.

“…glad to join a community that celebrates the freedom of speech,” Johnson said in a statement. “The cancel culture, the censoring in social media and in news media should concern every American.”

YouTube removed a video where Johnson criticized health agencies for their rejection of hydroxychloroquine earlier this month and blocked him from uploading or live streaming for seven days.

He’s one of many elected officials to be censored by Big Tech for praising hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment option.

As Big Tech continues to censor elected officials and other profile public figures, many have made the switch to Rumble, including Christian host Eric Metaxas, comedian Steven Crowder, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and political commentator Dan Bongino (who is also an investor).

Rumble has also attracted major news outlets such as Digital Trends, Page Six, Reuters, and The New York Post to its platform.

In addition to growing its roster of creators, Rumble has added several new features this year including live streaming, live chat, and live stream archiving. These new features have been complemented by new hires, fresh investment, and plans to introduce more features later this year.

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