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by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Many of our readers continue to send us heartbreaking stories of loved ones who have been killed or severely injured by the COVID-19 shots that many dissenting doctors and scientists now admit are bioweapons.

Where you choose to get your information and news is now a life and death decision. Those who still depend on government health agencies like the WHO, CDC, FDA, to provide truth through the corporate media are continuing to suffer, and die.

Most people are probably still not aware, for example, that the CDC’s VAERS database, using their own data, shows that more deaths have followed COVID-19 shots in the past few months than recorded deaths following vaccines for the past 30 years!

It is right there for everyone to see, but you will never see this reported in the corporate media with their ties to Big Pharma and Wall Street. And if you find the information and try to share it with your family and friends on social media, it will often be censored and even removed.

Censorship is increasing, and the judicial system in the U.S. is proving over and over again that they serve the Globalists on Wall Street, and not the American public on main street.

Justice in America has died.

Fear is the real “pandemic,” and always has been. And the vast majority of the public still believe that the real war is between Democrats and Republicans, including many in the alternative media, completely deceived and unable to recognize the true enemy of the people, and who is the true Savior of the people.

And yet I fear that the worst is yet to come, and most Americans are completely unprepared for what lies ahead.

Becky Dupre Avrard. Image source.

“Mom Murdered”

This following story was sent to us by Matthew Avrard, the son of Becky Dupre Avard who died on March 25, 2021 following the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 injections.

by Matthew Avrard

My mom, 68-years-old, had minor copd, and didn’t eat a whole lot. She was scared shitless to go out of the house! Also she didn’t want us to come near her during the height of the pandemic!

We always stayed outside and said hello from a distance!!! So her being scared to die, was brainwashed into fear which brought her to the J&J bioweapon (she thought one shot would quickly get her life back) when it actually brought about her death!!!

March 25, 2021 – 3 weeks to the day after the shot. My nephew lives there and said the night before he heard her violently ill! My dad said the two days before he caught her gasping for air and she said I’m ok!

In Louisiana if you’re a smoker, the doctor said, she had to put copd on the death certificate as well as frailty!!!

Friggn joke, she worked, frequented ball games, was an excellent bowler!

I know it was the shot. I begged her not to and she said, “oh you read to much. I’ll be fine!!”

Well, she got the very thing she was trying to avoid! My dad got both Pfizer shots and I pray it doesn’t affect him in a negative way!!

Thanks for all you do at VaccineImpact News!! God is on our side!! Bless you all!! Her name was Becky Dupre Avrard from Metairie, Louisiana 06/12/52- 03-25-21! My poor momma expeditiously got the J&J shot on 03/04/21!! Thanks again.

(Editor’s note: more details about Mrs. Avrard and a video tribute can be found here.)

Christopher Boeckman with wife and daughter. Image from Facebook.

by Christopher Boeckman

Photo for attention: This is my little family. This is what I work so hard for, day in and day out. This is what I actively choose to live for (and those who know me, know I CHOOSE TO LIVE – a healthy, cognizant, well balanced life)… And [this] is what I feel was almost taken from me.

Apologies in advance, this read is a bit lengthy – hopefully my intro has you invested enough. I have mulled over sharing for quite some time.

Based on some personal factors, I [reluctantly] received the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on March 16, 2021 at 10:02am.

Two ( 2 ) hours later, I had some standard pain at the injection site. Over the next few hours, that pain moved inward towards the center of my back.

Eight ( 8 ) hours after injection, I had 8/10 pain originating in my thoracic back area running through my chest and was overall exhausted. I simply laid down at my parents house, as my wife and daughter were not home and I strongly felt I needed to be near people in case of an emergency situation.

I eventually went home and went to sleep, waking up the next day, still with the same type of pain, but subsided to 5/10 – I just chalked it up to a temporary side effect of the vaccine.

This pain would not fully subside, ever. I tried to convince myself that maybe I had pulled a lower trapezius or rhomboid muscle (although notably I am very controlled in the way I train and do not lift heavy weights).

Four ( 4 ) weeks later I [again reluctantly] received the second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on April 13, 2021 at 9:36am. Ten ( 10 ) hours later, my entire body ached and I was feverish at 103 degrees – I had the same thoracic/chest pain which intensified but my entire body was in pain at the time intensifying through the night capped off with the coldest/hottest chill/convulsions I have ever experienced.

This all lasted about one ( 1 ) day. The aches and fever subsided, the thoracic/chest pain remained but decreased back down at the 5/10 level I was used to over the past month – again, convincing myself I must have a herniated disc or muscle strain or something… because why/how would a vaccine cause such pain? and why would I ever think I had a heart issue??

I lived with the thoracic/chest pain for two more weeks, but it began to intensify slowly but surely. By May 3, 2021 the pain was at an 8/10 and I called my primary care doctor to be seen – originally scheduled for May 5, 2021, which I had to reschedule to May 7, 2021.

By May 7, 2021 my pain was at 9/10. I was seen by my doctor who thought it may be a muscle strain. I did mention some other issues going on at the time as well (unable to take a full deep breath, joint pain in my knees/shoulders/ankles/wrists, pain on the left side of my jaw) and also mentioned the vaccine and clarified symptoms I had experienced from it and since it.

My doctor ordered a chest and back Xray, as that is the first step prior to an MRI – both came back negative and I was to follow up with him the following week.

On May 8, 2021 my thoracic/chest pain was a 10/10. I laid around all day. The pain started to be very focused through my chest and after contemplating all day, I found myself in the parking lot of the ER at roughly 7:30pm.

I sat in my car for about 2 hours, deciding whether or not to go in – working in the HR/benefits industry, I know that every unnecessary trip to the ER costs [everyone].

I inevitably chose to go home and sleep it off. This would be a futile attempt as I found myself back to the ER, walking inside this time, at 9:32am on May 9, 2021.

As soon as I said chest pain, I was taken back immediately, hooked up to some machines, given some meds to chew on, and had blood drawn amongst other tests/scans. The bloodwork came back very quickly showing elevated Troponin – indicating heart injury.

I was transported to a different hospital, the cardiac ward. The first cardiologist I saw was dumbfounded upon my entry saying “by the initial results and description, I would have thought you would be a 60 year old man”… his curiosity would continue as he learned more about my [extremely healthy] lifestyle.

This cardiologist, and every cardiologist since, would not have any answers as to why this happened. They all said “maybe this, maybe that” (none of which were the vaccine) and after the longest 30+ hours of my life and still with no answers but Troponin levels trending downward, they decided to release me with a prescription for 90 days of Colchicine, 14 days of Motrin, an order for a Heart MRI, and a follow up.

The final diagnosis was a non-ST elevated myocardial infarction and myo/pericarditis.

Since that day, many new reports have come out regarding the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine relating to myocarditis in [specifically] young males. I have noted this multiple times with all of my doctors who have all seemingly dismissed the possibility.

Finally, during my most recent follow-ups with my primary care doctor, and with the CDC finally looking into the issue, we submitted my symptoms – soon after which, the VAERS team asked for my medical records and just this past week I received a call from the Vcheck vaccines follow up team who have marked my case as “serious” and say I will be contacted by the CDC.

I am not very active on social media and typically don’t share much – however I feel this is both important and relevant. I am writing this for multiple reasons.

I would like my voice, my case, to be heard. Maybe there is someone within my contacts, or my contacts’ contacts, who is involved in this whole vaccine implementation.

My case should be of note, and I have a lot of information to share as it relates to how I care for and know my body. Maybe there are others who have experienced these serious side effects.

This platform can connect [us] to be able to share in the uncertainty and to continue to question. No matter [who] this message finds, I simply want it on record, and not just as some anonymous CDC case# that may or may not be followed up on.

So here I am, offering a face/name to this case.

I would also like someone, some entity, to take accountability, to acknowledge me (and others in similar situations). My myocarditis and subsequent hospitalization, I am 99% certain at this point and approaching 100% quickly, was caused by the vaccine.

This has cost me a substantial amount: mentally, physically, and financially (notably UHC has denied the medicine, part of the hospitalization, and the MRI – all submitted claims and subsequent appeals).

The financial cost is one thing, but the physical and mental cost is another. I have physically not been able to do as much as pick up my three year old daughter for months without being in pain – I am just now getting back to some semblance of what I was just back in early March pre vaccine, but still unable to take a deep breath (or even yawn fully) and still in some serious full body/joint pain.

I have never had any joint issues in my life, and again, am an avid fitness and health oriented individual. This still is nothing compared to the mental anguish I have and still am experiencing.

Since May 9, 2021 I have mentally prepared for my own death, even more so than I previously had (in full transparency, I am a planner) – this is a huge burden and point of anxiety, you can imagine.

Lastly, I would like this to be shared. Please do so if you feel inclined.

I am not pro-vax or anti-vax. I have no motives. I only want to shed light on my experience, I hope for answers, I want what is right/fair/just, and mostly I just hope all of the serious side effects from this vaccine are well behind me – of which only time will tell.

Thank you.

18-year-old Parker Dale (right) had just won a golf tournament in this photo. Image source.

18 Year Old University Of Arizona Student Hospitalized After Johnson Johnson Vaccine, As His Mom Is Hospitalized From Pfizer Reaction

by The Empowerer

Parker Dale is an 18 year old golfer who attends the University of Arizona. He is studying science and is an aspiring lawyer according to his Linked In profile.

Parker’s mother Leigh-Ann Dale has stated that Parker was hospitalized May 19 due to a bilateral pulmonary embolism following his Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Parker’s mother Leigh-Ann, who is only 43, also had a reaction to her Pfizer vaccine and made a couple of trips to the hospital herself. Leigh-Ann had a DVT that broke off into a pulmonary embolism in her right lung.

She also ended up with a massive soft tissue infection. Her D-Dimer was 101,630 instead of 0-500.

Leigh-Ann believes her family should be compensated for such traumatizing events. Unfortunately for the Dale family, these vaccines are being given to volunteers only. There is no liability for manufacturers for this unapproved investigational medicine.

They are lucky to be alive, and are more fortunate at this point than many other families who have begun to share their experiences. Hopefully families continue to speak up despite being silenced by social media and mainstream news.

We hope more people take note of families being silenced and the thousands of stories being suppressed. Speaking up is the only way to stop this madness. Your silence, is consent.

Full story at The Empowerer.

Curling Coach Murray Stroeder Has Heart Attack And Dies After Pfizer Vaccine

by The Empowerer

Murray Stroeder received his Pfizer vaccination on April 1, 2021 and died of cardiac arrest April 27, 2021. According to his daughter Kelsey Stroeder, Murray had no history of heart trouble and was healthy prior to his shot.

Murray was a former board member for CURLSASK. He volunteered his time coaching and mentoring others in the sport of Curling. He was also “an athlete at the club and provincial level”, according to CURLSASK.

Murray was a likable and well respected man, whose presence will be missed. He was active in his community and loved by many. Our thoughts will be with Murray’s friends and family as they grieve his loss. His life was one that was well lived.

Read the full article at The Empowerer.

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