More Vaccine Propaganda From The BBC & Van-Tam

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When things are looking down and it looks like maybe things are not going to go your way, what do you?

Well, if you are a psychopath you simply fabricate baseless claims and get your state media whores to publish outrageous headlines. Like this one fantastical one from the BBC:

‘Covid vaccines have prevented 60,000 deaths in England’[1]

Really? Before we look at the article itself, this headline alone is obviously problematic because those of us who live in the real world know that such a fact is impossible to know unless you could duplicate reality prior to the vaccine roll out and then run both a reality with, and without vaccines side by side.

I know, I’m being a little pedantic. I’m sure if we look at the data to where they derived this number from it’ll all make sense, right?

How is it calculated?

So if we scroll just a little further down through this propaganda piece from the BBC aimed at trying to dupe more teenagers into getting their experimental gene therapy jab they tell you exactly where this magical 60,000 came from:

This figure is a bit of an exaggeration. – BBC News[1]

Wait, what?

So we have a headline spreading through the news feeds of the Worlds population making a claim that ‘Vaccines have prevented 60,000 deaths’, and now just a few paragraphs later we are told it’s an exaggeration. Great reporting guys, and so it goes on:

The modellers behind the figure looked at the number of infections we’ve seen since the start of the year. They then asked how many of those infected people would have died if the death rates from 2020 still applied. – BBC News [1]

Let me be clear, this is not science. It is so far removed from science that one can only assume we have literal clowns (no offense to actual clowns) creating these models.

You cannot take the mortality rate of a supposed novel virus from one year and then use this rate the following year. It would have reduced considerably anyway for a number of reasons. 

1. A vast proportion of the population in 2021 had now developed some level of natural immunity to the virus

2. Viruses mutate and typically weaken over time, this has become apparent with the so-called delta variant which is being touted as more virulent, but far less deadly.

3. Treatments in 2021 have developed considerably since 2020.

The BBC of course failed to question this ridiculous calculation at all. I’m sure the fact-checkers will be on the case though……..ok, maybe not.

The article then goes on to deceive teenagers further by quoting Jonathan Van-Tam’s response to question he was asked about long-term side effects of the vaccine:

“If there was anything very major going on in terms of side effects and long-term consequences we would have seen those signals and we just haven’t,” – BBC News[1]

Does he have a time machine we do not know about?

Long-term means 12 months, two years, five years and beyond. But even the time we have had has been enough to show us that there are some severe consequences, particularly in youngsters.

Nothing to see here

While in training to become a NY State Court Officer, Ahmed Hamideh, felt strong-armed to get the Covid19 vaccine. Just days after his second dose, the 28-year-old suffered a crippling heart attack:

When her 17-year-old son and husband were both hospitalized with life-threatening blood clots days after receiving the Covid19 vaccine, Cherie Romney made it her mission to speak out:

It should also not concern you that the UK Government are looking for a contract to buy £3.2 Billion Direct Oral Anticoagulants (anti-blood clotting drugs)[2]

It’s all fine kids, get your jab. You are young, fit and typically healthy and thus have less than 0.01% risk of being effected by the virus and an even closer to 0% chance of dying from the virus, but still, get the jab I’m sure it’ll be fine. Save the NHS, hell, save a granny!

One day all those involved in this evil agenda will be held accountable, this I promise you.

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