Baltimore Homes “Rattle” After US Army Conducts Bombing Tests

Baltimore Homes “Rattle” After US Army Conducts Bombing Tests

The US Army warned Baltimore residents Wednesday not to be alarmed if they hear booming sounds from Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). 

According to the base’s Facebook account, APG will be conducting “daytime and nighttime firings” between the hours of 0700 ET and 2359 ET. It said firing sounds “may be heard” in surrounding communities. 

The proving ground at Aberdeen is a weapons testing range located in Harford County, or about 40 miles northeast of Baltimore City. Residents of Harford County and east Baltimore County are expected to hear what may sound like bombs. 

Baltimore County Police tweeted late afternoon that concerned residents called them about “big boom sounds.” 

A resident in the area said they felt an earthquake earlier today and “sounded like an explosion.” The person later said it turned out to be a “bomb test” at APG. 

Another resident down the street from APG said, “on cloudy days, there are some pretty big booms, but this one was way different.” 

Others are saying their homes “shook.” 

What kind of weapons is APG testing that resulted in a mini-like earthquake that rattled people’s homes? 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 08/04/2021 – 16:40

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