Pomoting Health Destruction and Depopulation

Promoting Health Destruction and Depopulation

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Alex Azar promotes all things Pharma, and why not.

In 2007, he was drug giant Eli Lilly’s chief lobbyist, spokesman, as well as senior vice president in charge of corporate affairs and communications.

In 2009, he became the company’s vice president of US Managed Healthcare Services.

In 2012, he was appointed president of Lilly USA LLC, Eli Lilly’s largest affiliate company.

Earlier he was Bush/Cheney’s deputy HHS secretary, later becoming Trump’s HHS secretary and chairman of its flu/covid task force — overseeing its Operation Warp Speed to fast track genocide on an unparalleled scale.

Ahead of his appointment as Trump’s HHS secretary, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Public Citizen, the American Medical Students Assn, Doctors for America, National Black Justice Coalition, National Health Law Program, and numerous other organizations called on the US Senate to reject his confirmation, saying he opposes healthcare services as they should be for all Americans.

He called for ending guaranteed Medicaid coverage for the poor.

He opposes “longterm care for the elderly and people with disabilities.”

As HHS secretary, he’ll act to further “undermine…gains in quantity and quality of coverage.”

His track record at Eli Lilly shows his opposition “to serve the needs of US patients and consumers.”

He supports healthcare based on the ability to pay.

Eli Lilly on his watch “fac(ed) multiple class action lawsuits alleging violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and numerous state fraud, unfair trade practices and consumer protection laws.” 

“A former prescription drug company executive with a history of spiking the prices of lifesaving medicines simply is unqualified to address the needs of our national health care system.”

On August 3, the NYT gave him feature op-ed space to promote health destruction and depopulation by toxic mass-jabbing for seasonal flu-renamed covid — his “message  for all Americans.”

A litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed:

He falsely said flu/covid jabs “were developed to fight this virus (sic).”

They’re all about mass-infecting maximum numbers of people with intent to destroy their health and expedite their death.

He lied claiming jabs “work incredibly well” in protecting and preserving health (sic).

It’s the other way around. They’re all about destroying what’s too precious to lose.

Saying “160 million fully (jabbed) Americans” proves they “work” — proves something else entirely.

It shows that no matter how many times most people are fooled, they’re easy marks to be deceived again — by the power of state-sponsored, media proliferated Big Lies and mass deception.

According to Azar, “there are still millions of Americans unwilling to take the simplest of steps to end a pandemic” that doesn’t exist — an invented one to fear-monger maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict irreversible harm.

Defying reality, he falsely claimed that it’s “not true…that (flu/covid jabs) are unsafe or ineffective or that corners were cut” in their development (sic).

Indisputable science debunks his bald-faced Big Lie.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about toxic drugs designed to destroy health, not the other way around.

He lied claiming they were developed at a time when “hospital wards (were) filled beyond capacity (sic)” — a state-sponsored/media promoted myth when numbers of US hospitalizations were much the same as in previous years.

He defied reality saying “that there was no compromise on safety by conducting some of the largest and most extensive vaccine clinical trials ever (sic).”

Vaccine development takes years, not months. About 90% of trials fail.

What Azar compared to a “moon shot” for expediting development was all about fast-tracking hazardous, experimental toxins for human health with intent to destroy it on an unparalleled scale in the US, West, and worldwide.

“Hundreds of millions of doses of these” these toxins have been injected into the bodies of irreparably harmed people without their knowledge.

Azar and complicit government officials warrant Nuremberg trial prosecutions and convictions for high crimes too grievous to ignore.

A Final Comment

According to statnews.com:

“More than two-thirds of Congress cashed a pharma campaign check in 2020,” its analysis shows

“The breadth of the spending highlights the drug industry’s continued clout in Washington.”

It’s true as well for other US industry groups.

Along with the Israeli lobby, Pharma likely tops the list of influence buyers in Washington.

House and Senate members are beholden to serve the interests of their funders, not the people they’re supposed to represent.

Americans get the best “democracy” money can buy.

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