Here Come the Climate Lockdowns, “for the good of the planet”

For those unquestioningly accepting the IPCC’s latest doomsday report, you need to accept this, too: climate lockdowns are now a formality. Migration will be stopped, food rationing will be imposed, and your freedoms will be erased; all for a completely fabricated crisis that you’ve been suckered into.

The elites’ aim is control, unsurprisingly — and this latest IPCC report is a final push to gain as much of it as possible before the real issues of food shortages and the resulting civil unrest grip our global society, and descend it into chaos.

Unimaginable crop failure is on the horizon as the Grand Solar Minimum continues its intensification.

Unpredictable weather patterns are ravaging harvests across the planet right now: severe freezes in South America have transformed Argentina and Brazil into import nations, Southern African crops have been devastated by recent record-smashing cold, the drought and persistent chills in the U.S. have seen wheat estimates tumble 70%, while the well-documented floods in Europe and China are decimating the harvests there, too.

These will ALL have a knock-on effect at your local supermarket: prices are already rising, shortages are already noticeable.

These are the realities we’re living, today.

And there are no man-made influences here (other than our naive belief when setting up these mono-cropping systems that the climate would remain constant, forever); no, this ‘changing climate’ is tied to a drop-off in solar output and a waning magnetic field — blaming these monumental perturbations on things like cow farts is an embarrassment to science, it isn’t science; it’s dogma; it’s witchcraft, but as history has shown us, humans are born to follow, and an authoritative voice, no matter how inconceivably stupid its message is, is always compelling.

A rise in temperatures sees life and biodiversity thrive. This have been the case for time-immemorial. That’s why tropical forests contain the majority of plant and animal species on earth, despite covering less than 12 percent of all land.

It’s cooling where the trouble lies. Life struggles in the cold. The Arctic covers 10 percent of the planet’s land area, but contains only 600 plant species, only 100 species of birds, no reptiles or amphibians, and only 20 mammals.

Cooling, unfortunately, is in all of our futures.

The sun appears to be slipping into its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle: a 400-year cycle which brings a prolonged drop in solar activity, which, through the combination of various mechanisms, brings about a stark drop in terrestrial temperatures.

The IPCC does not want you to know this.

It doesn’t even want you to perceive it as a possibility, because their AGW theory would be threatened.

The IPCC states that because Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) doesn’t fluctuate all that much (rangebound between 1360-1363 W/m2), the sun can have little to no impact on Earth’s terrestrial temperatures; but this a painfully over simplistic stance.

Downplaying the sun’s role on climate is verging on laughable; however, downplaying cosmological reality is something of an IPCC trait.

In reality, low solar activity brings about far more than just a slight reduction in TSI, there are many more forcings that affect our planet’s temperature: low solar output also brings with it an influx of cloud-nucleating cosmic rays, it sees an uptick in volcanism, and even a drop of auroras — these, along with our planet’s ever-waning magnetic field, are completely sidestepped by the likes of the IPCC and their MSM lapdogs.

It is only logical to assume the sun plays a crucial role in earth’s climate.

And once you accept that, the fact that our host star is currently in its weakest state of the past 100+ years –and weakening– should of course form the backbone of any climate-related theory. ‘They’ expect us to believe that the sun suffering its weakest state in more than a century occurring simultaneously with an increasing swing between extremes of our weather patterns is merely coincidental; in fact, ‘they’ don’t even mention that the sun is in a histrionically low state of activity.

Also, why is it that the IPCC only listen to the views of scientists that already agree with them?

That isn’t very scientific.

There are many eminent and respected voices claiming not only that the IPCC have AGW wrong, but that a coming cooling epoch is on the cards:

However, the public isn’t allowed to hear these alternative, equally qualified views — they are instead suckled on a diet of warm-mongering EOTW rhetoric, squirted down their throats on a daily bases (no wonder our youth have been so utterly corrupted by this garbage–again, an authoritative voice is compelling no matter how illogical, or frankly impossible, its message is):

Metro 10 August 2021
The Guardian 10 August 2021
Daily Mirror 10 August 2021

Today, August 10, the sun is once again ‘blank’, completely devoid of sunspots–and during the ramp-up into Solar Cycle 25, no less — a time when the sun should be firing on all cylinders.

Yet here we are, witnessing the eighth spotless days since late-July.

The sun is faltering.

SC25 is on track to be just as weak as the cycle which preceded it (SC24)–the weakest cycle of the past century+.

Since 2016, global temperatures have tumbled by around 0.7C. This is another fact missing from the IPCC’s latest doomsday report, but informing the public isn’t their aim, the goal, of course, is to propagandize and to prepare the masses for the totalitarian future of permanent lockdowns, food shortages, and intensifying global electric phenomena — ‘something is coming’.

IPCC’s Poor Track Record

The world blindly accepting the IPCC’s nonsense is perhaps the scariest part.

It’s not as if the panel has a great track record, or even a fair one — they’ve been wrong from the starting gate, at every turn; from their predictions of an ice free Arctic, their global temperature forecasts, to rising sea levels (which were originally supposed to see coastal cities inundated by the year 2000).

Also, note the twisting of the narrative as real-world observations didn’t play ball.

The ‘global warming’ hypothesis used to be a relatively simple one to understand, even a coherent one worthy of further investigation: “rising atmospheric CO2 levels are leading to ever-increasing temperatures, which will bring hotter summers and warmer winters with less snow”.

However, in 2021, as the planet shows unmistakable signs of cooling, and as real-world observations continue to leave scientists like Michael Mann and self-indulgent prophets such as AL Gore with serious egg on their big fat lying faces, ‘Devastating Terra Firma Broiling’ –as I like to call it– now constitutes EVERY WEATHER EVENT KNOWN TO MAN, including record-breaking freezes, unprecedented snow mass totals across entire hemispheres, and an expanding Antarctic ice sheet.

Here are just two recent data-points those original IPCC reports claimed would be an impossibility by now:

This season, total snow mass for the Northern Hemisphere peaked at 500+ Gts above the 1982-2012 average [FMI].
The Antarctic Ice Sheet (which includes 90% of earth’s freshwater) is tracking well-above the 1979-1990 average, and increasing [NSIDC].

Rising temperatures are the cornerstone of the anthropogenic global warming theory.

Therefore, nothing else matters if the mercury fails to rise.

And here we are — not only are temperatures failing to rise, they are now reversing the trend observed since the late-1970s (since the end of the previous mini-cooling period):

Here Come the ‘Climate Lockdowns’

Current indicators suggest that travel restrictions are likely to be with us a while, not only because of the pandemic–but also because of political and environmental reasons (I can’t speak of the virus without being penalized, I certainly can’t write negatively about the vaccines–but DYOR into the roaming and biologically active ‘spike protein’–start with DarkHorse on YouTube).

The exaggerated threats of COVID will remain in full force, and the virus will indeed continue to circulate and mutate into more vaccine-resistant strains–just as the seasonal flu does every year; however, unlike the seasonal flu, this will lead to more lockdowns.

Crucially, governments are keeping travel restrictions and complicated testing requirements in place to drastically deter people from traveling–“for reasons other than Covid-19,” reads a recent article.

And this leads us to the other excuse for stripping the masses of their most basic of freedoms — the so-called ‘climate emergency’.

As reported by The Telegraph, “Covid restrictions have been a dry run for how our lifestyles might be curtailed in future for the good of the planet” where governments are looking to curb cheap travel and reduce carbon emissions under the guise of ‘environmentalism’, when in reality their intentions are far more sinister.

A population already locked-down before the SHTF is a far more manageable one. Now add to that food rationing (due to global shortages and the aforementioned travel restrictions), and moving forward, the only way to feed your family will be full compliance to whatever draconian rules put in place by the overarching –yet unseen– system of global governance.

In that situation, well, they have you bent over a barrel.

You’ll have no choice.

No freedoms.

You’ll be a true slave to the system, if you weren’t already.

This is indeed a “Code Red For Humanity”.

Break free, before it’s too late — run for the hills, and grow your own.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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