7-Minute Cure for COVID Misinformation (The Testimony…


This is truly amazing! Dan Stock, MD, a family-practice physician in Noblesville, Indiana, testified on August 7, 2021, before the local Mt. Vernon School Board.

His presentation immediately went viral – and not surprisingly, the “censor Nazis” (like Youtube and Instagram) took down the video from their propaganda platforms.

In slightly less than seven minutes, Dr. Stock explained why everything advocated by the CDC and NIH is contrary to known science.

We will not attempt to summarize his presentation, because it is like a fast-moving freight train with a hundred box cars of information rolling by! The amount of information packed into his short presentation is phenomenal.

Expect the vaccine pushing maniacs to go ballistic over the fact that this has gone viral and do everything in their power to discredit and lie about this courageous doctor.

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