TruNews' Founder & CEO Issues a Special Statement to Mike Lindell

Last week our TruNews team of Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke, along with a freelance videographer and his wife, attended Mr. Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium to hear Mr. Lindell and his assembled guests present evidence of election fraud.

TruNews provided three days of continuous live streaming from the event, a feat that Mr. Lindell’s IT team could not pull off, nor Right Side Broadcasting. None of them could keep their Internet stream online. Nevertheless, our team gave Mr. Lindell the respect we thought he deserved to present the evidence he has repeatedly told the American public he possess that will prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from President Donald Trump.

During our team’s three days of reporting, we refrained from commenting on the evidence, or lack of evidence, that Mr. Lindell presented in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Edward and Lauren also conducted 18 interviews with conference speakers. It was in one of those interviews that a member of Mr. Lindell’s team admitted to Edward Szall that the 37 terabytes of data in Mr. Lindell’s possession are corrupted, meaning it is useless in a court of law as evidence.

On Friday, August 13, Doc Burkhart and I commented on TruNews about the lack of evidence at Mr. Lindell’s event. We also mentioned that we were troubled by Mr. Lindell hiring Alan Dershowitz, the former attorney for mass pedophile and Israeli Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein.

On Monday, August 16, Mr. Mike Lindell appeared as a guest on Steve Bannon’s video podcast. Later he appeared on his own video podcast on his Frank Speech platform. He made some astounding defamatory accusations against Trunews. He specifically named TruNews. Mr. Lindell said that TruNews was a product of Media Matters, a leftwing organization that is partially funded by billionaire George Soros.

Mr. Lindell also accused TruNews of secretly working with Antifa, a radical network of domestic terrorists. He accused TruNews of providing media credentials to Antifa agents to enter his meeting. And, to add insult to injury, Mr. Lindell described TruNews as a fake news website. Yes, he said the organization that he credentialled to cover his event, the organization that provided continuous video streaming for 3 days, the organization that interviewed 18 of his speakers, Mr. Lindell said we are fake news.

Mr. Lindell did not stop there. He went on Brannon Howse’s video podcast and repeated the defamatory accusations. He told Mr. Howse that TruNews is a cover for Antifa, and that information was provided to him by one of his lawyers? Could that lawyer be hardcore Zionist Alan Dershowitz, the lawyer who kept Jeffrey Epstein out of prison for life?

Mr. Lindell also went back on his Frank Speech platform and told his followers that his team of investigators are gathering evidence on TruNews and that he would present the evidence today at 11 am central. The deadline came and went and there was no evidence. Very similar to the pattern of big promises Mr. Lindell has made about possessing evidence to prove election fraud.

Mr. Lindell’s wild accusations against TruNews are reckless and defamatory. His team is feeding him inaccurate information about us. We are demanding that Mr. Lindell immediately retract his accusations and apologize to TruNews. This is our last request from Mike Lindell to do the right thing: admit he made a terrible mistake, retract his defamatory accusations, and publicly apologize to Trunews.

One more thing Mr. Lindell: Your apology should come with a one million dollar donation to TruNews to compensate for the damage you have done to us with your wild, reckless accusations.