Delta Airlines To Charge Unvaccinated Employees $200…

Delta Airlines announced yesterday that unvaccinated employees will be charged $200 every month, calling it a “health insurance surcharge.” The airline said Wednesday that it also will stop extending pay protection to unvaccinated workers who contract COVID-19 on Sept. 30, and will require unvaccinated workers to be tested weekly beginning Sept. 12, although Delta will cover the cost. They will have to wear masks in all indoor company settings.

Other airlines – like United – have said that they will require all employees to provide proof of vaccination. This is yet another aggressive attempt by a U.S. corporation to drive up coronavirus vaccination rates. The punitive charge is inconsistent with existing corporate healthcare policies, and will put substantial financial pressure on employees who decline the contentious jab.

The average hospital stay for COVID-19 has cost Delta $50,000 per person,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian said in an employee memo. “This surcharge will be necessary to address the financial risk the decision to not vaccinate is creating for our company. In recent weeks since the rise of the B.1.617.2 variant, all Delta employees who have been hospitalized with COVID were not fully vaccinated.

It’s important to note that Delta does not inflict financial penalties on employees who are overweight, a major risk factor for heart disease and cancer (the two leading causes of death in the U.S., respectively). In fact, the only precedent for this kind of surcharge is an increase in premiums for smokers (although that information is self-reported and not verified).

Pfizer’s anti-smoking drug, Chantix, was recently recalled due to the presence of carcinogens.

We spoke to a former Delta employee who was able to provide us with current information on employee healthcare premiums. Individuals who choose the lowest-tier Bronze plan pay an insurance premium of $47 per month. Employees who choose the top-tier gold plan AND add coverage for their entire family pay $373/month. 

This means that employees paying the highest healthcare premiums will see a 54% increase in costs. Those with the most basic plans will see their monthly premium increase by a whopping 426%.

When it comes to smokers, the Affordable Care Act dictates that companies may charge no more than a 50% increase in premiums for smokers. This means that Delta is increasing employee premiums for those who decline the jab even more than is allowed for smokers!

For many employees, this will be a crippling financial blow… One that could force them to choose between health insurance and accepting a dangerous injection against their wishes. 

According to more than 135 records reported on, the average customer service representative at Delta makes about $20/hr, or approximately $40,000 per year. People in that tax bracket pay an average tax rate of around 18%, which means their net income is about $32,800 per year. 

Inflicting a $200 surcharge each month means that the average Delta employee will lose more than 7% of their net income. The average American family pays a little over $2,000 a year for basic utilities like water and electricity. Unvaccinated Delta employees literally may not be able to keep the lights on unless they receive the vaccination. 

The move by Delta comes on the heels of the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine,” which has been proven to be neither “safe” nor “effective.” While private companies, schools, hospitals, and the military have already announced that they will require proof of vaccination for employment, Delta has exploited a nefarious new loophole by threatening their employees with financial ruin for their personal health decisions. 

This is wrong.

You could argue about the safety and efficacy of the “vaccines.” They don’t stop people from getting infected or from spreading the virus. They lead to higher viral loads and are likely responsible for the advent of more aggressive variants. There have been over 13,000 deaths associated with the shots, and that’s almost certainly an under count. The safety studies used for approval are completely ruined. The manufacturers have a documented history of lies and corruption. 

You could also argue that personal health choices are not to be regulated. Governments, businesses, schools, hospitals, and HOAs have NO RIGHT to dictate your personal health decisions. Poor diet and exercise are easily responsible for a majority of illness and death in this country, yet no one is forcing people to eat better or work out more. 

Our world is rapidly dividing, and fear of COVID-19 is at the heart of it all. We’re quickly creating a “leper class” of human beings that are excluded from society and commerce. In many places, you can’t eat dinner, buy groceries, go to school, or get a job without proving that you’ve done your part to boost Big Pharma’s stock prices. 

Second-class citizens are a hallmark of totalitarian regimes and genocide. If the Jewish community in 1939 knew what was coming, they would have fought back before wearing those gold stars on their chests. 

Human beings are being targeted, isolated, and marked for their personal health choices. They are being slandered, attacked, fired, and cut out from society.

How long before we fight back?

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