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The good news is that Dr Stella Immanuel has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Anderson Cooper and CNN.

The bad news is that the world financial system is about to collapse.

Former Assistant Housing Secretary, financial manager and publisher of the Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts joins preeminent Antivax activist, Del Bigtree on his show, The Highwire.

Del starts off saying, “I think we have obliterated this vaccine discussion. I think if it was just down to public health, then this would be over…then, why is our nation still pushing this vaxxine, when it clearly doesn’t do anything? It certainly doesn’t protect anyone around us, so how could your force teachers to take it? How can you force firefighters to take it? How can you force police officers to take it, when the only “advantage” they’re seeing are the injuries that they’re seeing all over the internet?

“Something else must be going on…I am not satisfied with just proving this vaxxine doesn’t work, which we’ve done in spades. There must be something else going on, keeping this runaway train on the track. So, now, we’re going to start investigating places that are a little less comfortable for me, that maybe will lead us to what’s really going on, here.”


He says to Catherine, “I want to start in your wheelhouse. When we look at banking – I go to speak at these large conventions with people that are speaking out on different areas – one of the things I hear a lot about is central banking and the central reserve banking system and how all of that is what is really controlling the world and we’re not paying attention to it.

“So, is there a greater power than Pharma that exists and central banking, is it an equal player? And what do we mean when we say ‘central banking’?”

Catherine replies:

“Central banking is a critical bureaucracy in controlling and managing the financial system. So, the financial system, I would describe it as part of the governance system. So, one of the ways you govern the entire planet is through the financial system and there are very important bureaucracies within that financial system and the one at the top of the food chain is clearly central banks…

“The fundamental model that we’ve been operating on for all of our lifetimes is called the ‘central banking warfare model.’ The central banks print money and the military makes sure that people use it and they basically police the model.

“And what’s been happening now and it’s been going on for 20 years is we are coming into a significant change in both the governance and the financial model. So, the currency system is in flux, globally and that’s part of what’s happening. It’s part of why there’s a demand for a ‘Reset’.

“In anticipation though, for the last 20 or 30 years, the central banks have been moving significant money out of the sovereign governments. So we have known for many decades that there was going to be a problem when the Baby Boomers retired. And the reality of it is that the central banks have moved that money out of the government.

“I call it the ‘Financial Coup’ and there’s been tremendous funny business going on with Federal accounts in the United States for a long time. And we’re now in the consolidation, where, if all that money has been moved out of the government and the retirees want it, you need an excuse as to why it’s not there. Enter the ‘Magic Virus’. So, from a financial standpoint, COVID-19 is helping provide the air cover for the fact that many of the promises that have been made are not going to be kept…


“Here’s what you need to understand: The Western democracies and the United States have been run with a two-pronged financial system. On one side, you have private banks, with the central bank, the Federal Reserve, who are managing monetary policy. On the other side of the house, you have an electorate voting for representatives, who manage the tax flow and the credits that relate to that – so, the treasury market.

“So, you have this balance of power, between the people and the bankers and now, what is happening, under the guise of COVID-19 is the bankers have decided they no longer want to share power with the electorate or the peoples’ representatives and…the central banks have decided, essentially, they want to take over.

“And the ultimate completion of this will be when they introduce digital currencies, controlled and operated by the central bank. Why is that important? Because they won’t be currencies, Del. They will be a financial control system. To implement that system, they need the vaccine passports. And the goals of the vaccine passports have nothing to do with health. They have to do with implementing a new, digital financial transaction system, which is, in essence complete control.

“I call it a Slavery System. Dr Naomi Wolf said, “Vaccine passports are the end of human liberty in the West” and she’s absolutely right…

“So, what this means is you will no longer have currency. You’ll have a credit at the company store. If they don’t want you traveling more than 5 miles from your home, your credit card, your bank account won’t work more than 5 miles from your home. Let’s say they decided they you shouldn’t be able to buy pizza, you can’t buy pizza. You’re talking about complete control at a very intimate level – of both surveillance, because remember, there’s no privacy. They’ll be able to track every transaction you make. So, we’re talking about a credit at the company store and literally a slavery system.”


Del then asks for her opinion on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. She replies:

“So, the central banks would issue their own central bank digital cryptocurrency (CBDC). The question is, would the regulators increasingly regulate cryptocurrencies, which I think the answer is ‘Yes’. Will they allow them to coexist? Maybe.But if you look at the way the system will be implemented, you’ll find that the vast majority of retail transactions will end up being in the CBDC system.

“Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies have been very useful to help the central bankers prototype how they might want to run their systems, so they’ve been very useful as a prototype. Whether they’re allowed to continue to exist? Big question mark.

“I think, at the end of the day, I think the central banks are basically planning on being the dominant player in the market. It’s a control system. This is a re-engineering – so, here’s the question, Del. So, if I’m the central banks and I’m going to destroy the sovereignty of governments and the power of the electorate to affect the budget, the question comes down to, ‘How am I going to collect taxes, there if the electorate has no power and doesn’t feel like they’re sharing in the financial system? And the way you do that is with a CBDC system, you can just take the money out of the account. This is taxation without representation.


Del then asks her to describe the “Cosmic They”, the “Cabal”, the “Conspirators” or what she famously refers to as “Mr Global”. She replies:

“If you listen and look at the people who govern the financial system; so the owners of the central banks, the people who manage the intergenerational pools of capital, at the people who manage the insurance industry, if you look at how the financial system works, at the heart of making the financial system go, it’s risk management…

“Now, one of the decisions that is clearly evidence…is called the Going Direct Reset, which is a plan voted on by the central bankers in August 2019. The takedown of the economy, including the pandemic rolled-out, as a result of the Going Direct Reset

“If you look at that group, they have decided to radically centralize control into a much smaller group of people and that’s one of the reasons why what you’re watching is the destruction of the small business economy and a printing of money by the central banks, so basically the private equity firms can engage in a shopping spree to pick it all up, cheap.

“Which is why, in the videos you were showing, the billionaires are getting richer and richer, what you’re watching is what George HW Bush used to call consolidating the wealth into ‘Tighter and Righter hands.’

“So this is a plan, it’s being engineered. I’m not saying it’s 100%, they kind of make it up as they go, but if you look at who’s responsible at the very top of the global financial system, they are in the room. If you look at the list of participants on the vote for the Going Direct and the people who put the plan together working for BlackRock, you can see a lot of those players.

“Now, if you look at the whole Going Direct, to get the control, the financial control system into place with the passports, you need the pharmaceutical industry, you need the tech industry, you need the telecommunications industry – it’s all part of putting together the SmartGrid, because the SmartGrid is the hardware and the infrastructure for this financial control grid.

“So, it’s a lot of people and there is no doubt that the US Government and the central banks have been absolutely instrumental and created massive incentives to get everybody to play. That’s the magic secret here, Del…we’re building the prison. In a highly-centralized system, Mr Global is not a lot of people and yet, if you look at who’s building the train tracks for the control grid, it’s all of us, which means we have the power to stop banking with them, we have the power to stop associating with them, we can snub them on the street, we don’t have to buy their stocks, we don’t have to go work in the companies.

“You can make a list of the 20 companies who were most instrumental in making this all go. We don’t have to support them. And 5- to 10% of the people just walked out the door tomorrow. And we have to do it before the vaccine passports go into effect, because once you get CBDCs and vaccine passports, essentially you’ve got, at a very central level, as [Bank for International Settlements General Manager] Carstens said, complete control.”


Del says there are vaccine passports being rolled-out in New York and California and we’re seeing it in France and the UK and he says it’s the first time that we’ve seen something like this, where all the world governments seem to be in on it, like its a world war against the citizens of the world. He then asks if she can name a few of the 20 corporations she referred to, above. She replies:

“There’s $21 trillion missing from the US Federal Government, the US Federal Government bank accounts are run by the New York Fed, who’s owned and whose member banks operate as agents for the US Federal Government. So if you look at the largest banks, who own and operate the NY Fed and run the government financial statements and financial system and bank accounts, they’re responsible.

“So if $21 trillion is missing, they effected a great deal of illegal transactions. They’er responsible. Why are we banking with them? Pull your money out…This is war. Don’t finance your enemy!…

“If you go to, I have an article on ‘How to Find a Good Local Bank‘ and it walks you through how to find a good local bank or credit union and what you’re looking for is what is an institution that has good governance, good ownership, good management and has a demonstrated record of really caring about the people in that community. They’re business is banking, they’re business is not trading derivatives on Wall Street.

“And right now, figure you’ve got 4- or 5,000 of those in the United States and the more they shrink down, the less freedom we’ll have. The best thing for the small business economy is a healthy infrastructure of good banks and credit unions in your community, so get your money out of the big banks and head into them – but do it the way that’s good for you, because you deserve a bank that cares about you and is clean.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the Madoff fraud but that’s good example of why you want to get out of JPMorgan-Chase, in my opinion.”

I’m not going to transcribe the whole interview but watching this video should be part of your continuing education curriculum!


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