Biden Demands US Businesses Introduce Vaccine Mandates

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The Biden administration will demand that US companies force employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or submit to weekly testing as part of a plan designed to curb the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

The US president announced several new measures on Thursday evening — including a threat to fire unvaccinated government workers — as part of a wider effort to boost flagging inoculation rates. – Financial Times[1]

The US appears to be looking on Australia in delight and envy. So, Mr Joe Biden attempts to ramp up the tyranny of his own nation and demand all US Businesses require vaccine mandates to operate. 

This new ‘rule’ would require all businesses with over 100 employees to ensure all their staff are vaccinated or have weekly tests. The new rule will affect about half of the US workforce.

Under a plan to be finalised by the Department of Labor, medium-sized and large companies with 100 workers or more will be told to force their employees either to be vaccinated or to make them test at least once a week before coming to work. The rule would affect about 80m people in the private sector, White House officials said — roughly half the US workforce. Financial Times[1]

For Government workers, it gets even better. In a separate executive order signed by Biden all government workers will be required to get vaccinated, with no testing alternative. Those refusing will ultimately lose their job. 

A separate executive order signed by Biden will direct federal government employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and workers will no longer be able to avoid the requirement by submitting to regular testing and wearing a mask. Contractors will also be subject to the same rules, which will cover an estimated 2.5m people, although there will be some exemptions for some on the grounds of religion or certain medical conditions. – Financial Times[1]

Insanity? Not really, when you allow and continually support sociopaths and psychopaths to rule the World via your willingness to pay taxes, vote in their system and adhere to their ridiculous regulations and rules, eventually they act like the tyrants they always were. This was inevitable. I sympathise little.

Our governments are the crazy gangs they warn us about that would take over society if governments didn’t exist – they are it, they are the very boogieman they claim to protect us from.

Until society can understand we do not need government to govern ourselves and our communities this insanity will only escalate further. Humanity is not inherently evil, however we are inherently trusting and naive. This unfortunately leads to the evil small minority taking advantage of the majority. We have been brainwashed as a society for thousands of years by this small group of individuals. 

There is a solution and it is a very simple one. Civil disobedience. Stop following the rules of these evil people, stop voting in their system and most importantly, stop funding them via your taxes. 




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