Teenage Boys More At Risk From Vaccines Than Covid

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Well, after covering this for the past few months, finally it seems the corporate media has jumped on board and covered this serious concern.

From the Telegraph[1]:

Teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems from the vaccine than be hospitalised from Covid-19, a major study has found – Telegraph[1]

Meanwhile, however, the UK Government seems set to give the green light for all teenagers to receive the COVID-19 Vaccines as soon as next week. 

Will this latest study out of the University of California change things, we doubt it. 

The Telegraph continues:

A team led by Dr Tracy Hoeg at the University of California investigated the rate of cardiac myocarditis – heart inflammation – and chest pain in children aged 12-17 following their second dose of the vaccine.

They then compared this with the likelihood of children needing hospital treatment owing to Covid-19, at times of low, moderate and high rates of hospitalisation.

Researchers found that the risk of heart complications for boys aged 12-15 following the vaccine was 162.2 per million, which was the highest out of all the groups they looked at. – Telegraph[1]

The Telegraph of course fail to actually supply a link to the study, because just as with all the corporate media they think you are far to stupid to look at it. If you are interested you can find the full study HERE[2]

The article did go onto state though that:

Evidence from studies show it is unlikely for boys to suffer either heart problems from the vaccine or be hospitalised by Covid. – Telegraph[1]

But you see, here is the problem. This 6 times increased risk is just looking at teenagers who have a relatively quick adverse reaction to the vaccine, it doesn’t capture those who have been internally affected, with no initial symptoms.

If these vaccines are increasing something by such a significant amount, what unknown long-term damage may it be doing to these teenagers? 

I do not have the answer, and whether they want to admit it or not – neither do they.

But, let us see what happens on tuesday when Boris Johnson announces the latest measures to be taken for coming winter. 

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