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New York cops and firemen were all out on the Trump “campaign trail” in the Big Apple for the 911 memorials. Mask and social distancing were out the door. Meanwhile the dark side (below) donned their black masks and put on a show of fake mourning.
Are we seeing the really Hillary or the fake Hillary? Something doesn’t look quite right about “the Hillary” pictured recently in Canada near the US border. The one in sunglasses appeared during the 2020 election.

COULD Trump soon resume the White House as the illegally elected, totally corrupt and incompetent fake president Joe Biden and his administration stumble around like a drunken clowns throwing firebombs in an oil refinery?

As the global deep state makes a desperate last grab for power with its worldwide plandemic lockdowns, vaccine passports and imposition of Chinese-style techno-fascism, have they in fact been trapped in an elaborate sting operation by “Trump and the patriots”?

Even deep state media itself has been talking about a Trump “shadow presidency”, noting how he is not acting like “defeated” or end-of-term presidents normally do. Trump knows very well the 2020 election was rigged, although the same old guard media still pushes the nonsense that Biden won it “fair and square” regardless of the mounting evidence of vote fraud across the six key states.

In New York for the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks, an unmasked Trump was cheered by unmasked police and firemen and then received boisterous “We love Trump” chanting at the Holyfield vs Belfort boxing match. By contrast Biden, the Obamas and Clintons (fake Hillary?) looked uninspired and glum in their virtue-signalling black masks. F…. Biden chants are becoming common at public events.

The consistent message from the Qanon message board from 2017 through to December 8, 2020, was that Trump and a team of patriot generals, military and civilian intelligence specialists had set a trap for the deep state players, and that trap was the 2020 election which the deep state had to win at all costs.

Cairns News has been receiving multiple reports from US patriot sources that the deep state is in serious trouble and that key business and political players like the Clintons, Bill Gates and former Obama chief of staff John Podesta have been tried, and some executed, by JAG military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Navy Seals reportedly arrested the scandal-plagued ex-New York governor Cuomo on Sunday, August 15th. He also missed New York’s annual 911 memorial events for the first time in at least a decade

However, we’re not suggesting every report floating around the internet about arrests and military tribunals is true. There is click-bait rubbish, misguided “hopium” and news robot sites out there. The main source of the Gitmo reports is an online platform called Real Raw News (RRN).

RRN says Gates was set up by his estranged wife Belinda for a sting operation and arrest on July 27th at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after military operatives arrested her and managed to talk her into cooperating. Of course Gates can still be seen on his social media accounts as if nothing happened. “Hillary Clinton” also appeared in Canada after her supposed arrest and execution. But was it the real Hillary or her double?

Republican lawyer Lin Wood was also asking where’s Hillary on a recent Telegram post. “Has anyone seen Hillary Clinton do a “live” interview with Communist Chris Wallace on the Mockingbird FOX network in the past few months? Based on the recent photograph of a Hillary character strolling on the beach with someone who looks like Bill, I can understand the reluctance to appear “live” on television.

Wood continued: “Of course, a camera in the right hands can do wonders to make a person look better although you can spot irregularities upon close examination. We live in extraordinary times. Every lie will be revealed.”

A statement recently by long-time Texas senator Ted Cruz points in the same direction: “We are in the last battle. This is the apocalypse. We are fighting for the salvation of humanity. We all knew this was coming at some point. I never believed it would come in my lifetime, but here it is,” Cruz posted on his Telegram channel.

For the cynical, Cruz’s comment might be dismissed as just more political rhetoric, but I’m going to give Ted the benefit of the doubt and suggest that he and others see a massive change for the good ahead in the United States of America and the world in the midst of the current disaster.

For Cruz, a career Republican senator, that sort of talk is crossing the line and so is joining the Telegram channel, in effect a rejection of the old guard media channels. “Soon, I will publish very important information on this channel that will change everything. Thank you for your patience. Share my channel with everyone you know so everyone will SEE the TRUTH!” Cruz added in his introductory comments. Is Cruz on board with “The Plan”.

Just as remarkable as Cruz on Telegram is the veteran Republican spruiker Sean Hannity of Fox News and another Fox News guy Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent. Hannity had almost exclusive access to Trump and their interviews in his first term were always of the love-fest kind. Hannity was also the “go-to” guy for Trump’s Country Club Republican old guard RINOs (Republican In Name Only) and maybe getting in with Hannity was a strategy.

As unbelievable as RRN’s Gitmo tribunal reports may sound, we have to ask if this is part of “The Plan” as repeatedly referred to by Qanon? We also should be reminded of Lieut-Gen. (Ret) Thomas McInerney’s reference to the current turmoil being part of a “hybrid” World War III. By hydrid the general meant irregular warfare involving psychological, economic and political operations and relatively little military activity.

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