UK Government Preparing For The Largest Flu Vaccine Campaign Ever This Winter

As part of the UK Governments ‘blueprint’ for dealing with the pandemic this upcoming winter season, it is being hinted that we may see the largest ever influenza vaccine campaign.

The UK Government is also considering mandating the influenza vaccine for all frontline workers in the NHS as well as the COVID Vaccine.

This sudden concern for influenza is being sold on the back of its magical disappearance since the pandemic began and therefore immunity in the populous may be extremely low, resulting in a 50% increase in the usual deaths from the virus.

The UK’s national propaganda outlet isn’t hanging about, here is the beginning of their public priming campaign to ensure maximum fear and thus compliance of the public is sort:

A combination of masks, social distancing and restrictions on international travel helped keep flu levels extremely low last winter.

As a result, scientists expect fewer people to be immune this season.

And as social mixing returns towards pre-pandemic levels, this could be the first UK winter when the seasonal flu virus (and other respiratory viruses) will be spread alongside Covid.

The concern is this may add a substantial burden to the winter pressures faced by the NHS.

Some not-yet published mathematical predictions, seen by the UK’s vaccine advisors, suggest the 2021-2022 flu season could be up to 50% larger than usual and may begin earlier. – BBC NEWS[1]

Those notorious mathematical predictions are back again, what could possibly go wrong!

The BBC still pushing the false Face Mask science in their reasoning behind the influenza reduction, regardless of the science, regardless of the fact that we’ve seen no reduction in coronavirus spread – but I guess once you’ve kicked this can of lies down the road this far, there is no turning back.

As part of this years drive to get influenza uptake as high as possible in all eligible groups GP’s and Schools will be expected to proactively advertise the vaccine:

GP practices and school-based providers must actively invite 100% of eligible individuals (for example, by letter, email, phone call, text) and ensure uptake is as high as[2]

But as we’ve covered in the past, Influenza vaccines have historically offered no benefit to populations. The influenza virus is excellent at mutating, and low and behold that is exactly what it is doing every year. Typically the virus strain contained in the distributed vaccine is out of date and offers little to no protection to the public.

Every year we seem to see the same old headlines, from 2015:

This year’s seasonal flu vaccine is barely able to protect people from the main strain of flu being spread in the UK, health officials say. – BBC News[3]

and again in 2013:

This year’s flu vaccine provided little protection to people 65 and older who got a shot, new data released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reveal. – Global News[4]

This theme of surprise and shock over how ineffective the influenza vaccine seems to occur every year. But this isn’t the only issue at hand.

With the mass campaign to get the entire nation jabbed with the new experimental COVID-19 vaccines, we are now throwing another unknown into the equation. What will be the implications of having both the COVID-19 vaccine followed shortly after by a influenza vaccine?

I certainly do not have the answer, and neither does anyone else – they have done no trials or studies to test these two products together. 

We are still waiting for confirmation of exactly what Boris Johnson and his merry men are proposing for the winter ahead, but as soon as his speech tomorrow is over (tuesday), I will endeavour to update you all.

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