The Vax Is Human Sacrifice – Dr. Zev Zelenko

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Dr Zev Zelenko is a Ukrainian-born Orthodox Jewish family physician known for publishing an open letter to President Donald Trump on March 23, 2020, where he claimed to have successfully treated hundreds of his COVID-19 patients with a 5 day course of his three-drug cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulphate and azithromycin that he promoted as the “Zelenko Protocol”.

The Zelenko Protocol gained notoriety with several media figures and various Trump’s administration officials promoting it, including Rudy Giuliani and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

In early August, 2021, Dr Zelenko testified before an Israeli Rabbinical court that the majority of those “vaccinated” (which is over 80% of the Israeli population) will likely be dead within 3 years.

Dr Zelenko joins Sean at the SGT Report today with his serenely deadpan analysis of the horror show that we are living, with a message that is at once uplifting, inspirational and calming. He believes that the current onslaught of evil is precipitating a transformative, redemptive event; that we are being given a wonderful opportunity to turn away from the Bad and to live in a God-conscious way; the opportunity to look at “life and death as the proximity to the source of life”.

He begins by saying that the Globalists have run a psychological operation against humanity to induce global psychosis, saying, “There is an attempt by a few people to pathologically scare the innocent masses and have them become co-dependent on the government and human beings, other than God. It’s a war against God, ultimately.”

He describes being a family physician in Upstate NY during the initial outbreak of COVID and how prayer led him to a video about zinc ionophores and he soon began testing zinc with his patients, whose health quickly improved. After writing an open letter to Trump about this success with his patients, he was contacted by Mark Meadows, who put him through to the NIH, where he says he hit a brick wall.

However, Trump publicly endorsed the Zelenko Protocol and a podcast the doctor later did with Rudy Giuliani went viral, after which he says, “My life has never been the same.”

Trump’s endorsement during an election year led to the unprecedented politicization of hydroxychloroquine, a safe essential medicine with a 60+ year track record when New York Governor Cuomo, who Dr Zelenko refers to as “The Ghoul” blocked COVID patients from having access to the drug.

Dr Zelenko then found a work-around, using quercetin and vitamin C, which together form a potent zinc delivery system and which he also calls “The cure for tyranny.”

“There’s two reasons why people die from COVID: It’s an incompetent doctor who delays treatment and it’s a tyrannical government that blocks access to life-saving medication.

“So now, I could tell the public, without a prescription, you just go without your government’s permission, you go to a vitamin shop. You buy quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc and mostly likely, you’ll be protected.” He put them all together in one pill called the Z-Stack after people kept asking him about dosages and which zinc to use, etc.

“Quercetin and vitamin C together deliver zinc into the cell. Zinc inhibits a very important enzyme called RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. That enzyme is essential for coronaviruses to make copies of their genetic material. Please listen to what I’m about to say: ALL STRAINS. That’s an important detail. All the different strains, irregardless have to use this pathway to make copies of its genetic material, in order to spread.

“This enzyme gets destroyed by zinc. The problem is, zinc cannot get into the cell on its own, so you need another substance, like a bullet in a gun, like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, that are drugs that deliver zinc into the cells like a 50-caliber machine gun. Whereas, quercetin – and there’s another one called EGCG, which is a green tea extract, also over-the-counter – they’re like 22-caliber pistols. Like I said before, if you have nothing else, it’s better than nothing.

“And vitamin D is probably one of the most important vitamins in the body – specifically, D3. We found that normal high levels, between 50 and 70 virtually exclude ICU admissions…What we’ve found is that these drugs are very effective in low-to-moderate risk patients. I wouldn’t recommend Z-Stack for high-risk patients, unless there was nothing else, because high-risk patients have a 7.5% death rate and under those circumstances, I’d prefer to use the more aggressive medications [HCQ and ivermectin], if they’re available…

“COVID-19 is part of a eugenics program. It’s been contrived over many years and it’s designed to weed-out the weak and the vulnerable and track the rest of us. Now, before you call me a conspiracy theorist, I have to tell you the following: 18 months ago, if I would have told you that COVID-19 is an artificially-made bioweapon, you would have said I was a conspiracy theorist.

“Now, we know things to such a degree of resolution, that I can tell you that in 1999, that Dr Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill took a bat coronavirus and modified a surface protein and made it capable of infecting human beings and then, he patented that procedure.

“And then, this research became illegal and got outsourced to Wuhan, China, financed by our Tax Dollars and there, they were able to augment the lethality of this virus to destroy human lung tissue and cause blood clots. We know the patent numbers associated with that modification.

“Now, I just told you that these vaccines are designed to track people. Why would I say such a thing that sounds like conspiracy theory, except on August 31st of this year…there’s a US Patent number that was filed, which I’ll read to you that talks about the tracking technology that’s in these vaccines, that are able to read your heart rate and temperature and other physiological variables and then transmit that data to a general server. This is a US Patent!

“So before people jump to invalidate or marginalize what I’m saying, here’s the patent number, I’ll read it to you: United States 11107588. Look it up and read the abstract of what they’re saying. They’re laying the groundwork for global surveillance. And why should we be surprised? In 2016, Klaus Schwab, the sociopath at the World Economic Forum made an announcement on public television in France that within 10 years, 7 billion people are going to be tagged with a digital identifier.”

Sean confirms that track-and-tracing contracts have already been awarded to Oracle and Google.

Dr Zelenko describes the mass vaccination of children, who have no risks associated with the disease as akin to “ritual child sacrifice” and he quotes former Pfizer VP, Michael Yeadon, who said that for every child who dies from COVID, 100 die from the vaxxine.

He says, “These vaxxines have a 100-to-1 kill ratio compared to COVID in children. If that’s not human sacrifice and child sacrifice, what is it?”

Sean refers to an October 30, 2020 meeting within the FDA, the CBER Plan for Monitoring Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness, which shows a list of all the side effects – including death – which they knew were going to happen and we have since seen.

Dr Zelenko says the list correlates nearly 100% with the reported data on VAERS and says this is evidence of premeditated conspiracy to commit mass-murder and genocide on the part of our government.

“Premeditated, because they knew exactly what it was going to do and until we realize and understand how nefarious and malevolent the agenda is and that the government is literally trying to kill you by suppressing access to life-saving medication and life-saving information, de-platforming any doctor that gives a different perspective – even the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, Dr Robert Malone got de-platformed, because he said things about this vaccine, that it isn’t safe and the government is lying to you.

“So, it’s not about truth. It’s all about controlling the false narrative and maintaining this global psychosis and manipulating people to take a poison death shot that will significantly shorten your lifespan.”

Dr Zelenko then reminds us that the FDA used the fraudulent study in The Lancet, which had ALREADY BEEN RETRACTED the previous month to revoke the Emergency Use Authorization of hydroxychloroquine – a drug which was showing 85% reduction in hospitalization and death, at 20 cents a pill – in order to confer that EUA status (there’s only one drug at a time that can have EUA) to remdesivir, which needs to be administered via IV in hospital and costs $3,200 and has since caused kidney failure and death in hundreds, if not thousands of patients.

“It’s a crime against humanity. We know exactly who the culprits were. When Trump tasked the government to make hydroxychloroquine available to everyone, he gave it to Secretary Azar, who gave it to Larry Kudlow and it ended up on the desk of Rick Bright, who’s the head of BARDA, which is the bioweapons research division of the CDC and he said…that he didn’t agree with the President’s choice of hydroxychloroquine, which he was supposed to use the “Right to Try” legislation, making this drug available to every American.

“Instead, Bright brags, ‘We were creative and issued an Emergency Use Authorization that restricted the use of hydroxychloroquine to hospital settings.’ So, when I saw those words, I saw the mechanisms of genocide…Out of 600,000 dead Americans, we could have prevented 510,000 from even going to the hospital.”

When Sean asks him why these people think they can get away with this, he responds that this has been decades in the planning, extremely coordinated and brilliantly executed.

Dr Zelenko says:

“If you get to the core of the core of the core of who really runs the world, 70% of the corporate wealth or the wealth of the world is in the control of 150 people…these are the people that are stakeholders in multiple industries and control and coordinate how industries work together…

“All of social media, all of Mainstream Media and they coordinated with academia because…they’re. funding all these universities, endowments and then, they basically control the curriculum and then the political attitude on campus. And then, you have the pharmaceutical industry and politics…When you’re dealing with such sums of money and such power, across industries and really, it’s such a small group of people doing that, they have the ability, with relative ease to create the groundwork for a global psychosis and then, takeover.

“This is not new. This is a historical narrative that’s always played itself out, where man gets so brazen and emboldened that he feels he’s immortal and can take on and push God out of the consciousness of others…Because this is a war against God.”

Sean disagrees with Dr Zelenko’s description of the conspirators’ plan as being executed brilliantly. He thinks the plan is clumsy.

Dr Zelenko responds:

“But they were able to pull off something that the side of Goodness has not yet figured out how to do. But we will. Thanks to President Trump, they became clumsy. Because Trump wasn’t supposed to win. They would have plenty of time on their Clinton’s compliance to finish all the necessary preparatory stages and to take away our freedoms so gradually and slowly that we wouldn’t even notice our own enslavement.

“However, when Trump won unexpectedly in 2016 and in 2017, he went to Davos and he told the Globalists that, ‘I’m a nationalist MAGA and I’m going to renegotiate all these toxic entanglements that the United States has,’ so then, Soros, the next day went on international media and said that Trump is the most dangerous human being on the planet…and he must be taken down.

“So what happened was they felt the pressure of time and they escalated their timetable, in terms of how they would actualize their global enslavement plan and it culminated in the biggest fraudulent election, probably – such outright fraud – but they had no choice.

“So now we have 80 million Americans who voted and feel that their votes were stolen and there’s a bubbling in this country of being awakened, to high levels of consciousness to what is being done to us. And this is very important, because the only way to defeat these devolved pagans is through an educated public, because there’s many more of us than them.

“We have 450 million guns in the hands of the private citizens of this country and that’s really the only reason why the Biden storm troopers aren’t breaking down into your house, holding you down and giving you a shot.

“In Australia, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are illegal. Any doctor who prescribes it goes to jail and they’ve built concentration camps, quarantine camps to take their ‘unvaccinated’…

“I think we’re segregating into cities of refuge, with freedom-centered living versus continents of tyranny, where devolved pagans serve, worshiping the vaxxine and corrupt government and sociopathic oligarchs.”

Still, with all of this, Dr Zelenko is optimistic and hopeful.

“I believe we’re on the cusp of a transformative, redemptive event, where the truth will reign and the false narrative will be destroyed. It’s going to be a little bumpy, you know, some turbulence but I think that every human being is now given a wonderful opportunity to turn away from bad, which would be giving in to the fear, living in isolation, taking the poison death shot and putting your faith in the workings of man, which is really a path towards idol worship and child sacrifice, as we see that they’re doing – versus choosing God, your Creator who’s making you every second, creatio ex nihilo – happy birthday, he just made you.

“And realizing that that anxiety only lives in that space where God is absent. So, if you fill the void with faith, then that’s the ultimate weapon and prophylaxis against tyranny. And people that bow down to God will not bow down to man and Evil knows that.

“So, this is an opportunity to live in a God-conscious way and by doing so, to join the camp of the living. You know, they say the righteous are called ‘alive’ even after they’re dead and the wicked are called ‘dead’ even when they’re alive. And it’s a way of looking at life and death as the proximity to the source of life.

“The closer you are to the Giver of Life, the more alive you are. The further away you are, the less alive you are. So, it’s a spectrum of revealed consciousness…I view this as a wonderful opportunity to increase in faith, to turn away from superficial and transient pleasures and to focus more on things that are to be prioritized, like the sanctity of life, like fulfilling the Creator’s will, like acts of goodness and kindness.

“We can even keep it simple. Look at the Ten Commandments. Bring back the basics. If we really want to ‘Build Back Better’, bring back the basics, the Ten Commandments.

“By the way, I am a Globalist. I believe God, the King of Kings is the ultimate global leader and I do believe there should be a Great Reset from paganism to Divine-centered living.”

Visit Dr Zelenko’s website for COVID treatment and prophylaxis options and more, HERE.

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