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Clif High joins Greg Hunter with his forecast, based on the predictive linguistics algorithms that he began developing nearly 30 years ago, in 1993.


He says that hyperinflation of the US dollar is imminent, due to a confluence of events. “The fact that they didn’t raise the debt ceiling, itself has ramifications in derivatives, even though they’ve given us this kick-the-can-down till December move. Then, we also have the Evergrande bond process…

“They’ve put all of their bonds and everything into the dumpster and they’ve got the dumpster fire really rolling and it’s going to be pushed into a building with other dumpsters; those will all catch on fire and that building is basically filled with gasoline – and that is the global derivatives markets that are based on real estate that are tied to Chinese real estate.

“So there will be some derivatives that won’t be affected but insofar as I’m able to see, there’s maybe two-thirds of this larger mass of derivatives has a tie through some mechanism back to the Chinese bond market. So that’s going to hit us very hard.”


Clif continues, “I tend to think that we’re in a rhyming phase; that we have these rhyming phases that hit us in the beginning of every century and that we’re rhyming with whatever occurred in the 1913-1945 period of the previous century and that we’re right about 1933, with the bond crash.

“In that period, it was the bond linkage between the US and the City of London that caused the global depression, the Greater Depression, that started in 1932 and it culminated in 1933…so if we were to put ourselves on that scale, then sometime in January or February, we would see somewhere in the course of normal events the complete collapse of the bond markets in the Western World.

“I expect that it will happen quicker because the Chinese influence is so massive and has so much more over-leveraged than we had the previous century. On top of that, we also have these over-the-top legalistic constraints and problems with our own spending processes here, in this country.

“And so, inflation itself is now starting to hit those spending processes, so some costs are, for instance 5 and 6 times higher than the Federal Government will allow their subcontractors to pay. And so this is beginning to impact supply chains and is affecting, for instance the bottom line, ergo the bond status of those companies and it just keeps rolling on and on, in this snowball fashion once it has begun.

“Bear in mind, it was the sovereign bonds in 1932-1933 that initiated a global bond panic that impacted commercial bonds, as well and it was the commercial bonds that died in the ’32-’33 period of time that basically wiped clean the financial structure and allowed, for instance for new innovations, such as collective insurance companies to arise and the collective health system like… Kaiser-Permanente, which developed in response to the collapse of the otherwise organized hospital system of that time.

“And so we see all of these echoes. We’ve got the Government creating the same kind of problems at our hospitals now…and as the old system of hospitals collapses, they’re going to attempt to rebuild something new and better by taking over that old capital investment in buildings and so on. So we’re in that same kind of chaos that existed in 1932-33, only it’s accelerated. It’s hyperized, so to speak by modern communications and the sheer mass of people we have today.”


Referring to the official report that 68% of the hospitalized people in Wales are vaccinated, with the hospital workers also being vaccinated, Clif says “We’re in…a civilization-level breakdown. This is the same kind of civilization-level breakdown and problems that initiated and led into World War Two, except our level is a little bit greater, because it is global, at this stage. So, I think we’re akin to the breakdown of civilization at the end of the Bronze Age, where it just stopped…

“We’re in a situation now, where we’re going to live through this die-off. The die-off was predicted in those early datasets about the ‘Sun Disease’ that I started getting in 1997. It eventually resolved to a number…sometime in 2004, 2005. And it came down to 1.248 billion people would die. 

“Now, there were some temporal markers in there that are now manifesting but as always, they don’t quite manifest quite the way that the data had suggested to my mind then. So I had this image in my head from reading the data at that point, in the early 2000s, that the Sun Disease was going to go through celebrities and the Royals and the Powers-that-Be like like a scythe. That was the imagery coming through; that it was like wheat being harvested.

“Now, we see that…the disease, itself is not causing that – but the vaxx is. And so, we get into the same position where, indeed, the celebrities, politicians, all of these people, they will be passing fairly soon, over the course of this year and next, in large numbers. We’re already seeing an outrageous…increase in deaths.”

Clif refers to two major studies that have shown that people with vitamin D levels in their blood above 50 nanograms per milliliter, do not fall ill or become infected with COVID. “Even if you’ve been injected, vitamin D is even more necessary then, because vitamin D will close down, through an electrochemical process, it will close the ACE2 receptor down to where the spike protein can’t come in and attach. So even though your body is making these spike proteins, you can ameliorate the damage that they would otherwise cause by keeping vitamin D levels up over 50 ng/ml.”

Clif says that World War Three was the manipulation of the ruble and getting the Soviets bogged down in Afghanistan, which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and that we’re currently in World War Four, which is not a war between nation-states but a war of the power elite – the Globalists – against everybody else, with the intent to kill 95% of the global population, which they intended to do over the course of ten years.

“Because of the introduction of spoilers to their plan…the main one being the election of President Trump and the subsequent actions he took, in spite of its seeming craziness at times; they were deliberate, they were planned, they were strategic, those actions have derailed this march to this vast death rate.

“We still, according to my data, anyway will achieve something close to a billion people dying from…these lethal injections. But it’s not going to be as horrific as it would otherwise have been the case, because Universe would not have this happen unopposed…

“We’ve been dominated for 6,000 years by a death cult that has gotten its peak of power very recently. At its zenith, it is now starting to crash and we are starting to rise. This is the nature of cycles within Universe and we are just here now to participate in this…

“The Deep State are failing at the election audits, they’re failing at the money, they’re failing on their disease-control, they’re failing to keep the Australians down and that is pumping up people in other countries…

“The mere fact that we are thinking about the Deep State in those terms and we can even identify people with this construct of the Deep State has them just totally weirded-out, because the only way it can work is if no one knows it exists.


At 57 mins, Clif starts talking about his datasets that predict the Australian government will be involved in a situation involving the word “massacre” will be applied, which he says could mean any number of things that he can’t discern, due to the rampant censorship of the internet today.

But regardless of who instigates this massacre, he says, “I do know, because of its duration values, the formation sets of words that do come around it and their intensity values, that this ‘massacre’ word will be used as a motivating factor within the political change that is seen basically, in the datasets as ‘sweeping’, going very rapidly through Australia.

He says it could even manifest as a mass-resignation of members of the Australian government, with zero bloodshed and it could be very beneficial from a human point of view but a “massacre” from the point of view of the Deep State.

Or, he says, it could manifest as a massacre of citizens by police – or vice versa. In all three cases, the event would have a politically-motivating, long duration value. He doesn’t have any more detail in his datasets than that but it is evident to anyone that the situation there is escalating in that direction.


Clif explains that ever since the Treaty of Westphalia, the Deep State has been controlling the silver market, because it was the medium of exchange of the people and therefore, a way to control them.

“We’ve had a consistent effort by a small group of people that eventually went on…to form and own the central banks and these people have been attempting to control the value of silver relative to a day’s labor…Their real goal is to maintain a currency that is related to a human.

“And so, we see them now, with the Great Reset attempting to create a currency that is tied to your global carbon credits – and they want to have this currency, because it’s one dollar…to one slave. And we’re the slaves and they get to own us through this currency mechanism, as they do now with their debt slavery.

“This is coming to an end. Fiat currencies break down repeatedly and we’ve been through this. The Petrodollar has been sustainable because of the warfare model supporting it but also, because of the digital technology growth underlying its spread but we’re now at the pinnacle of that. It cannot continue any longer. A few days, maybe a few weeks…and the breakdown of it is going to free silver and gold from this 150-(at least)-year suppression of its natural price.”

Clif still believes that we will see $600 silver and that we may see it within months if not weeks. It could even start as soon as this week, because his datasets predict an event occurring between October 4th and 10th that triggers an “emotional release” on par with the response to the collapse of Afghanistan a few weeks ago.


Clif predicts that China will crash in a massive, spectacular way. He says nothing is actually working in the Belt and Road, all of their African projects are failing, the train projects through the ‘Stans and Russia are also failing, due to the standard of work incentivized and fostered by the CCP.

He says, “Here is the CCP’s problem: They are a criminal gang. As a result of being a criminal gang, they have no moral authority and they have no moral attachment to their social order. So like a criminal gang, they have no interest in doing anything for the people. So in China, there is no money spent on public drains…This is why all their cities fail and flood, is because they don’t have a public infrastructure plan as we would understand it.”

He says the people are forced to bribe their way into obtaining plumbing through the CCP and that there is an invasive and insidious “bribery tax” that is formalized, incentivized and exacted by the CCP, at all levels throughout their entire system that is draining the whole society and this results in shoddy “tofu construction”.

He says they’re building buildings with 2-inch rebar that should be 50 feet long and holding up 2 storeys and you can take the rebar and snap it with your hand, it’s that brittle. And you can crunch your hands into the cement columns in the brand new rail stations along the Belt and Road – and the rail tracks that are supposed to be carrying high-speed rail are torquing and twisting because of the poor quality of the steel. This endemic, systemic problem is bogging down the entire nation.

He says the Evergrande fiasco could take down 70% of the Chinese real estate market and it will destroy their bonds completely for a period of time. The resulting distrust and rejection of the yuan, which will be on the order of the Weimar Republic and will cause precious metals to increase, because the CCP will have to at least partially back their currency with gold, in order to maintain power.

Clif says the sweet spot in all of this for the US is if we reconstitute ourselves as a Constitutional Republic, that there will be vast acceptance of the Constitutional Dollar, globally because we’ll have this 4th generational warfare goal of being moral on all of these various, different fronts, contrary to the CCP.

Just in order for the CCP to capitalize the currency they’ve got now, Clif says they’d need to have the yuan backed by gold at $200k per ounce. But they could well collapse before they get there.


Finally, Greg asks him, “Is the Deep State winning?” and Clif shakes his head, “No. We, the People are winning, the Deep State was always going to lose, they only exist through deception and we win through words and the hearts and minds. We don’t have to have bullets and any of that. It’s a weird kind of a war. World War Four is good that way, even though there are people that are dying.

“The Deep State is losing. Every single one of their actions are desperation and they’re…rapidly breaking down into the individual groups and then individuals, fighting to save their lives.

“In that sense, it’s good for us that we’re winning but it’s a gotta-slog-through-it time of the war.”

He says it’s Red October and it’s Dark November and December. “It’ll be very black.”


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