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The highest court in Germany has been called upon to decide on a case that ultimately affects the health and lives of people throughout the world! With his refusal to acknowledge the scientific answer to the coronavirus pandemic, German health minister Jens Spahn has put the lives of millions of people at risk. Dr. Rath is now pushing for a final judgement in the case to ensure the freedom of science, and to overcome the dangerous blindness of the German government towards science-based natural health. Help him – no matter where you live!

The town of Karlsruhe in Germany may not be as familiar to you as, say, Cologne or Berlin. But in the German legal system, there is no higher entity than the Bundesverfassungsgericht (‘Federal Constitutional Court’) located in this mid-sized town. Although the Bundestag, the German parliament, appoints the country’s judges, this court watches over the German constitution in a very active way. Many laws that the German government put in place have been reviewed by the Bundesverfassungsgericht and – if the law breaks citizens’ constitutional rights – were deemed invalid. Now the judges have a case on their desk that concerns you, as well, wherever you live.

Know your rights

The German constitution puts basic human rights first. Its opening 19 articles grant basic rights to everybody in Germany, citizens and visitors alike. Among them are the rights to human dignity, freedom of expression, personal freedom, and freedom of faith and conscience. These basic rights were formulated at the same time as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations (UN), in the years following the end of World War II.

In both texts, however, one basic human right is absent: the (human) right to natural health. Although the first Nobel Prize recognizing the health benefits of vitamins had already been awarded in 1928, global health care had essentially been taken over by the pharmaceutical investment business based on patented drugs. Even today, a hundred thousand scientific pages of new research about the importance of micronutrients later, the right to natural health still is not a basic human right.

An eye on Karlsruhe

But what exactly is it that the highest court in Germany has to decide upon? The short answer is: your basic human right to natural health.

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, many scientists were busy searching for an answer to the new virus. Some scientists used experimental genetically modified vaccines, which have subsequently been advocated for the population at large as an answer to the pandemic.

Independent research, conducted by the research team at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, came to a different solution. An effective, safe, and affordable natural approach was developed: a specific micronutrient formulation that is effective against all mutations of the virus.

Dr. Rath and the scientists at his research institute immediately recognized the importance of these findings for humanity. This is why the non-profit organization financing this research shared the knowledge about it – also published in peer-reviewed medical journals – with the German health ministry. But the current German health minister, Jens Spahn, has consistently refused to acknowledge this research and has not even bothered to look at its lifesaving potential.

Mr. Spahn is evidently not fulfilling his duty as the minister ultimately responsible for the health of millions of people in Germany and beyond. In fact, by openly disregarding such potentially lifesaving information, he may even have become guilty of criminal neglect – especially in face of the devastating dimension of the current pandemic.

This is why Dr. Rath filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Spahn in December 2020. Mr. Spahn’s refusal to accept the natural solution not only violated Dr. Rath’s right to scientific freedom – he also put the lives of millions of people at risk. And precisely this question has now reached the highest court of Germany and is awaiting a judgement.

What is important in this context is that this is not a personal feud of Dr. Rath against Mr. Spahn. With Germany ranking number one in the global list of countries exporting patented drugs and vaccines, the pressure of vested interests on the German government is considerable. These interests are seeking to extend the global market in patented drugs and vaccines, and defend it against non-patentable natural health approaches.

The irresponsiveness and neglect exhibited by the German Minister of Health towards Dr. Rath and his research team are no coincidence – they are a reflection of Germany’s global corporate and political interests.

For the same reason, the case that Dr. Rath has brought to the Constitutional Court of Germany is not just a private matter, it has ramifications for the health and lives of millions of people throughout the world.

Thus, we call upon You – no matter in which country you live – to support Dr. Rath’s complaint in the German court as a citizen of this planet. The more national and international support this case gets, the more likely that the judges will have a chance to recognize the global dimension of their decision.

Irrespective of the ultimate decision of this court, humankind has set out to liberate itself from the business interests currently dominating global health – and to make natural health a human right.

What you can do

You can write letters of support to the Bundesverfassungsgericht. With every new letter it receives, the importance of the case will be reemphasized to the judges. The following box provides detailed information on what to do.

Write a personal letter to the Bundesverfassungsgericht in support of this complaint. In doing so, you can cite your personal experience with micronutrients, and also refer to the misconduct of the German health minister, such as his denial and defamation of science-based micronutrient strategies that could end the pandemic.

Send your letter to:

Aktenzeichen 2 BvR 1608/21
Postfach 1771
76006 Karlsruhe

Also, please do not forget to mention in your cover letter the case number assigned when the complaint was officially accepted at the Bundesverfassungsgericht: 2 BvR 1608/21.

Sign our petition

But there is more that you can do. We have started a petition that has the goal to update the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with one additional, important right: the right to natural health.

The signatures supporting this petition will be presented to the UN Secretary General prior to the next UN General Assembly in 2022. If the UN does not act in this matter, we will present the next set of signatures – which will undoubtedly be even larger – prior to the UN General Assembly in 2023. We will continue to do this each and every year, until the UN grants the right to natural health.

Just click on the button below to support our petition. Afterwards, please also make your support known through your social networks, and to your family, community, and co-workers. Generations of people, both today and in the future, will benefit from your support.

Author information

Nico Molitor

Nico Molitor

Born in the year the King of Rock & Roll died, Nico was raised as a protestant in mainly catholic Westphalia, in Germany. In 1992, at the age of fifteen, he took the stage in his hometown at a concert against right-wing violence and presented one of his poems. In subsequent years, he finished school and published two of his poems in anthologies.
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