Alleged Secret Databanks With Maria Zack and Philippe Argillier

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Last night, Sean Morgan was joined by Maria Zack and her contact, Philippe Argillier, a French billionaire who claims to be the source of the documents that have been published since 2017 by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) as the Paradise Papers, the Panama Papers and earlier this month, the Pandora Papers.

These three leaks total nearly 40 million documents, which expose the secret offshore bank accounts of current and former presidents, prime ministers and heads of state, as well as more than 100 billionaires, celebrities, and business leaders.

The ICIJ estimates that the amount of money being held in offshore bank accounts by these individuals ranges from $5.6 trillion to $32 trillion.

Argillier says that these leaked documents come from four databanks, of which he obtained full ownership on September 1st, which expose the 38 Tier Two individuals who run the global Shadow Government that controls the Deep State of compromised government members around the world.

Maria Zack says she had been vetting these documents and working secretly with Argillier for four months before he came forward. Last week, she was offered €5 million to cease her investigations and Argillier was offered €20 billion to hand over his four databanks. Both resolutely refused.

As a billionaire, himself who personally knows and has transacted with some of these top-tier Globalists, Argillier says he was present at a 2015 meeting in which the plan for the COVID-19 genocide was discussed.

Now that he is in possession of all four databanks, Argillier says that he intends, over the next 36 months to gently convince members of the Shadow Government and Deep State to stand down from controlling the world’s governments from behind the scenes and from their genocidal COVID plot.

Argillier says he has no desire to cause any friction or conflict, he just wants to restore humanity from the ravages of these psychopaths and for them to stop now and forever. He says that if he were he to release some of the more damning documents, it could cause even worse damage and potentially result in even worse chaos than we’ve been seeing.

He just wants to take down the Shadow Government. No big deal.

People are naturally skeptical and Stew Peters got first dibs to examine some of these documents, which he received last Tuesday. They will be distributed to American Media Periscope after Stew is done.

And I can’t wait!

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For those of us who reject the plandemic hoax and the mandated “vaccines” it is annoying to see self-promoting hucksters like Philippe Argillier appearing on alt media claiming to belong to a resistance group opposing Big Pharma tyranny. So now he claims (on the StewPeters.TV interview) to be the “president” of the “parallel government ” opposed to the shadow government and has even been in conversations with his ”’holiness” the Dalia Lama. Perhaps he thinks that improves his credentials in the eyes of some people. Has he been with anyone else?- perhaps Mother Teresa? So, he wants the deep state oligarchs to join him in his quest for saving the world. Oh, they will change course if he asks them nicely. His so-called “data bases” that he says he’s purchased contain all the cabal’s key secrets that he can use as leverage (aka blackmail) against them . How encouraging. Where does he keep his data?- on usb sticks in his top drawer?. This clown is either a monetising narcissist, or a Pharma sponsored shill paid to spread false rumours to bait genuine folks who have valid concerns about the Great (fascist/commie) Reset. By spreading this BS, ‘”President” Argillier is ridiculing his viewers and giving ammunition to the MSM to scorn any of
the the vaccine-hesitant who swallow monsieur Philippe’s fairy-tale.


Christopher Matthew

3000 have died in Germany because of the vaccine. The hospitals, the radiologists and doctors are having more cases of watered hearts.. Heart attacks, Thrombose, eye infections and deaths all following the vaccination..!!! The Gates plan has not gone quite quick enough and thats why they are pushing for the 2nd and 3rd injection….

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