Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – Welcome to the Revolution

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Good music often comes out of hard times and this record, ‘Welcome to the Revolution’ is an inspiring example, with a beautiful melody and great lyrics by Hi-Rez, outstanding vocals by Jimmy Levy and then this legal disclaimer:

The views, information, opinions and/or activities expressed in this video are solely those of the individuals appearing in the video, and do not necessarily reflect or represent those of Hi-Rez LLC, or its producers, officers, agents, and employees. The video is strictly journalism, and all of the content contained in the video are filmed for historical documentation purposes. The video is not meant to promote one side of an idea or another. The video is objectively documenting history, and is only filming individuals in their natural setting. None of the footage has been altered to enforce any particular narrative. Hi-Rez LLC has not verified, and is not responsible for, the accuracy of any information contained within the video. Hi-Rez LLC assumes no liability for any views, information, opinions and/or activities contained within the video.

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