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“The ancient, Venetian satanic
families are back of the Rothschilds who are mere nouveau riche really,
compared to these ancient Jewish ruling elite, These are back of the
Sanhedrin. Jews, Henry, all Jews

The Synagogue of Satan, via B’nai Brith, controls Freemasonry….and
from here down the pecking order of animal clubs, Rotary, Lions, Elk,
Moose, Boy Scouts etc. These are the social/cultural leaders of western
society…and they are infested and undermined with well orchestrated
vermin, emanating from International Jewry.  This is one way satanic
Jewry controls western, indeed global society.

Disclaimer – This post does not constitute an endorsement. How could it when the author calls me a “Jewish disinfo agent” while citing me extensively in his online book? Nonetheless, his book is a comprehensive survey of the Masonic Jewish conspiracy and many things like the Venetian satanic families ring true. On the other hand, the notion that Jews descend from “red headed giants” or nephilim strikes me as absurd. I also take exception to his calling the Khazars  another “Jewish hoax.” In my view, Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars and have no legitimate claim to Palestine. Also, for an “insider,”  he relies pretty heavily on information that is public.

by “Boris Fisher”

Yes.  Ally Carter is absolutely correct. Thank you for providing greater exposure to  Stew Peters brave, vitally important interview. I know this is accurate, because I was sexually abused by my high level Masonic grandfather first when I was 30 days old. As I lay in my bassinet at the age of 30 days…he was “baby sitting” while my parents were out…my grandfather put his penis in my mouth to suck on it. I of course perceived this was my mother’s breast, and I nearly drowned in panic as he ejaculated. The extensive abuse which followed for over 9 years is a long and multi-tiered story which has taken me a lifetime to unravel and understand.  I’m now 72 years of age.

His abuse/programming/conditioning of me continued, as far as I am aware, undetected by my parents. His thought at my first abuse, which emerged from deep, long hidden, traumatized memory at age 57, was, “You have to get them when they’re young, the younger the better, because then they won’t talk.”

Far greater detail is available from other MKUltra, Beta Sex Kittens’  exposes in “Thanks for the Memories”, by Brice Taylor/Sue Ford , and “ Trance-formation of America” by Cathy O’Brien.

Such abuse is at the core of satanic, Masonic activity. “Get them when they’re young. The younger the better.”  Thus our politicians, judges, business and cultural leaders, professors, educators, media owners, newspaper editors, news anchor men and women, etc . are, in far more instances than we can comprehend,  deeply damaged/compromised and under trauma based mind control.  This is why letters to our politicians prove useless. Their agenda is ENTIRELY to serve their hidden masters…Freemasonry, and back of that…hiding in plain sight…another global, secretly satanic organization.

I began praying at age seven to understand why the world is so hideously damaged.

I was trafficked to Ontario’s elite…I could mention prominent names but won’t here… As a bright, socially well placed child, I was groomed to become a successful businessman, then very likely politician, within the embrace of Ontario’s elite, and carry forward their satanic agenda, now reaching its long planned conclusion here in Canada and worldwide.

Over the years as I have sought to expose their agenda, facets of their specific activity, and as consequence, I have had three attempts on my life courtesy of Directed Energy Weaponry by CSIS (Canadian Secret Intelligence Services,)  and a Masonic attack which left me unconscious. I have had my entrepreneurial endeavours sabotaged, all my money, all my investments stolen.  Numerous friends, associates, girl friends have been killed, “suicided”, found dead in “mysterious circumstances”. I have long lived a life under duress, as a “targeted individual.”

I have learned that back of numerous secret satanic societies, most commonly Masonry, abides the True focus of Hell on Earth, the real Hidden Hand,  an organization well practised at hiding in plain sight, which has destroyed every civilization reaching back through history into the mists of pre-history and myth. This very same satanic tribe is doing this again now. It is all they are ever capable of doing. DESTROYING! Ultimately, and damn soon I pray, this satanic den of Vipers will be recognized for who they really are, and finally removed from ever interfering with sacred Life on this planet again.

The essence of what I have learned, including details re. this satanic tribe, is freely available in my book, “The Real History of the Earth. Why in Hell All This is Happening Again!”     

I asked Boris who is “on top.”

The Synagogue of Satan is on top.  Oh yes, the 13 families…the Orsinis, the de Medicis et al … These ancient, Venetian satanic families are back of the Rothschilds..who are mere nouveau riche really, compared to these ancient Jewish ruling elite. These are back of the Sanhedrin. Jews, Henry, all Jews.  Just like the Cecil family, the Exeters. The Cecils present as ultimate WASPS, as ultimate English blue bloods…but in REALITY they are Jewish. All actively part of the Synagogue of Satan. Have been for thousands of years.

My friend, you may be reeling having read this.  Let me add a quote from my book germane to our consideration:

Canadian Forces Commander Guy Carr, founded on his lifetime of research, and upon being able to know from direct personal association presents the following in his book Satan, Prince of this World, 1958, ch. 8, “Knowing that there was in existence a “Secret Power” which had used Nazism and intended to use Communism to serve its own secret plans, and further its own ambitions to usurp undisputed world dominion, I was determined to find out more…I finally realized that The Illuminati, whose secret plot and intentions I had exposed, were controlled AT THE TOP by the Synagogue of Satan.”

I also ask that you read the material from beginning to page 108 in total, and not skip around nibbling samples which will invariably be judged, based upon your current “conditioning”. The material presented builds genuine understanding in a deliberate progression. Cognitive dissonance, hysterical blindness, trauma induced mind control and all such reactive patterns symptomatic of the human condition tend to deny Truth and elicit the juvenile reaction of wanting to kill the messenger. Please be aware of this habituated reactive function and allow what I present here help you to waken from mass mind control, begin to grasp humanity’s real history, understand what is factually underway now and proceed to consciously embrace your rightful position as a spiritually aligned steward of Life on this sacred planet. The material from pg. 108 on complements and confirms what is outlined in the preceding pages.

Mark Twain wisely observed that, “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so!” I ask you to relax your grip on theories and beliefs which have become so widely embraced they are now considered fact. I will ask this of you many times over, in numerous categories of consideration. If you are not prepared to have your foundational beliefs challenged, even carefully dismantled, stop reading now. Only if you are truly willing to think for yourself rather than follow the common habit of regurgitating programmed material claiming it to be “your thought”, should you proceed. In these few pages lies fundamental to The Matrix of Global Mind Control are exposed, lies which currently enslave mankind and are soon to fully enforce Hell on earth.

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