'I am Libya': 24-year-old artist Shefa Salem re-imagines Libyan history

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In the show “I am Libya”, painter Shefa Salem presents outstanding canvases, demonstrating that the public is eager to learn about the ancient history of Libya

What does it mean to be Libyan? How to reconstruct a sense of belonging for the country and its people, starting from the deepest roots of Libyan culture, while preserving diversity? These are the questions that artist, Shefa Salem, is grappling with for her first solo show I am Libya, which took place a few weeks ago in the Barah Arts and Culture Centre in Benghazi and will travel to Tripoli's old city at the beginning of December. "We live in a culture that is based on visuals," says the artist. "However, the ancient history of Libya has mostly been oral, rather than image-based, so we have a hard time visualising it. We do have some pictures found in Libyan caves, but most of […]

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