Palestinian MP criticises PA for discriminating between Fatah and Hamas prisoners

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Palestinian MP Hassan Khreisheh [Mohammed Salem/Aapaimages]

Deputy Speaker of Palestinian Parliament, Hassan Khreisheh, yesterday criticised the Palestinian Authority (PA) for discriminating between Fatah and Hamas prisoners, Al-Resalah newspaper reported. Khreisheh condemned the PA security services' "aggression" on the reception parades for freed Hamas prisoners and the confiscation of the movement's flags and those of other Palestinian parties. "We see intensive gunfire during the reception parades organised for freed Fatah prisoners, while the PA services suppress the parades and confiscate flags when the freed prisoners are from Hamas, Islamic Jihad or other factions," the official said. He accused the PA security services of doing this in order to "spoil" the happiness of the families of freed Hamas prisoners. "This is rejects," he said. "The PA must ban weapons used in […]

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