Satan's Signs Found in Most Logos


(left, the omnipresent swoosh)

(from May 16, 2019)

Have you noticed that corporations are taking political stands, and coincidentally singing from the same globalist songbook? Have you noticed that whites are becoming a minority in ads and miscegenation is fostered by TV commercials? It’s as though someone blew a whistle and they all came out for gender dysphoria and “multiculturalism”. Now it’s toxic covid GMO “vaccines.”

The explanation is that, despite our pretensions to “freedom,” we actually live under a Communist regime. “Money” is the blood supply of society. The blood supply is controlled by the Masonic Jewish (satanist) central banking cartel. They are the Casino, the House. “Money” is their Chips. In other words, the blood supply is poisoned. 

All public and private entities are controlled by the world central banking cartel which seeks to enslave humanity by undermining gender (family), religious, racial and national identity.  They use Freemasonry and Organized Jewry to achieve this end.   

Illuminati (Satanic) motifs are present in the logos of numerous corporations, cities and states. These motifs include the dot in a circle (penis in vagina), the Eye of Horus (666 or “OK” sign), the swoosh (sunrise on horizon signifying Lucifer the light bearer), the Masonic Compass and Square, the Masonic Two Towers, the Star of David, Pentagrams and Pyramid without the capstone. This is the way they signal their dominance to insiders.

                                                             Makow –Ten  Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult 

—————-                                                                         ————– We are Mental Prisoners of a Death Cult 

220px-Liberal_Party_of_Canada_logo.pngCanadian Liberal Party (swoosh)  

Canada’s Conservative Party (dot in circle)

disney.jpegDisney 666

Tesoro, a large petroleum refiner

Voice of America, dot in circle


Delta Airlines – Pyramid 


Iowa – Swoosh and sunrise

hcm_logo.gifThese logos combining dots, pentagrams and swooshes are everywhere.


Time Warner  (Eye of Horus)

ottawa.jpegOttawa ( The O, 666 is on every street sign, police car, city bus and vehicle.)


Toronto (Two Towers)

winnipeg.jpegWinnipeg, Dot in circle, swoosh, on every city bus and vehicle. The dot in circle is made of stylized 6’s – as in 666


Google Chrome search engine (dot in circle)
also 666  

cbs.jpgCBS (dot in circle) 


APTN – Eye of Horus, dot in circle, swooshes



colorado.jpgFrom Joe: Colorado Seal with all-seeing eye at top

dod-bros_front-grill-pickup-emblem_37_b.jpgEarly Dodge car emblem (from Daniel)


GOP and Democrat Logos
GOP Pentagrams inverted
 in 2000 

shelloillogo.jpgShell Logo is not a shell but a rising sun. 

msofficeiconsformac.jpgRichard – MS Office Icons for Mac appear to be Hebrew Letters  (Richard)

200px-PasokLogo.svg.pngPanhellenic Socialist Party (Governs & Bankrupts Greece)  


Woolworth in Australia 666   

666       Vav – Hebrew 6th letter  

BC Logo.jpgThe new BC logo is pure Freemasonry.  The golden arch, the sun is like an eye at the top of the pyramid/mountainThe colors are also Freemason blue and yellow. 147 Masonic lodges in BC  


lithuania.jpgLithuanian Labor Party

Australian Made.jpgPyramid, Kangaroo is Eye of Horus


142px-Vpol1.pngVictoria (Australia) Police- pentagon, facing down



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