The Inside Voodoo of the OMICRON Fear Campaign

The latest from Greg Reese gets into the motivations behind the naming and the hype of the COVID variants, as well as the sinister messages embedded in the anagrams and in the reverse speech of the variant names.


It was decided by the WHO in early 2021 to use the Greek alphabet as a means of naming the many COVID-19 variants, that they somehow knew were coming down the pike.

Delta wasn’t the first alleged variant of COVID and there have supposedly been 8 new variants since.

Omicron was the one chosen to stir up fear, via the corporate-run media.

Delta and Omicron may be the result of India and South Africa vying for independence over their own health protocols in October of 2020.

But either way, they skipped two letters of the Greek alphabet, Nu and Xi.

The reason seems likely. They skipped Nu because saying “the Nu variant” sounds exactly like saying “the new variant” and “the Xi variant” sounds as if we are naming it after Xi Jinping – which would be fitting but the WHO obviously isn’t going to do that so it ended up as Omicron, which is also interesting.

Omicron is symbolized by the eye.

Anagrams of Omicron are “Moronic”, which you would have to be, if you were still going along with any of this and “Oncomir”.

Oncomirs are small endogenous miRNAs that regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally.

They are part of the body’s natural reaction to splicing and gene editing and are specifically associated with cancer.

In 1963, the Italian film, Omicron was released about an alien taking over a person’s body to recon the planet for the future invasion, produced by Lux Films, which translate to “Lucifer, the Light Bearer.”

In 2013, the film, ‘The Visitor from Omicron’ was released about a corrupt government that sends an alien to Earth to deliver a virus.

If you add the word “Delta”, as in the other media-hyped variant, then you have the anagram “Media Control”.

This all reminds me of reverse speech, such as the Obama slogan, “Yes We Can!”, that when played in reverse sounds like “Thank you, Satan!”

And when you play “Omicron” backwards, you get what some people are claiming sounds like, “Lock him up!” as if referring to their psychopathic patsy, Anthony Fauci.

Weird coincidence? Are we living in the Matrix? Or is it simply PSYOP voodoo trickery?

Whatever it is, there is no escape from any of this madness until enough people wake up and say, “No!”

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