Headlines — December 25, 2021 Merry Christmas!

The Nazi Yellow Star in Reverse
“I’m on a train to Montreal and they make you wear this to show you’re vaccinated.”


The lady who compiles Snippets and Snappets each week-

My Christmas was cancelled this year. This timely message comes from my heart ~ one that is in my thoughts constantly. Treat every day as if it were your last does not seem to count for much these days when it comes to relationships. I already miss the Grandbabies, like my heart has been ripped out, but just cannot commit to taking a booster shot, the price of admission. “


Beijing Influence Expands After Solomon Islands Accepts Chinese Offer For Riot Police Help


I suspect these riots are anti mandatory vaccine in nature. The spectre of Chinese troops enforcing vaccine mandates worldwide is truly frightening.

Tis The Season For Jews To Complain Charles Dickens’ ‘Christmas Carol’ Is ‘Wildly Anti-Semitic’ – Christians for Truth



Rottweiler´s Reaction After Owner Pretended He Bit Her shows we inhabit the same moral universe as animals.



A Criminal Complaint against members of the UK government has been made and accepted by the Metropolitan Police. Significant and irrefutable proof has been verbalised and presented.

WATCH! WHO Director Says COVID Boosters Are Used To “Kill Children” In Slip-Up During Press Conference : The COVID World

 Gay Santa- just wanted to bring this bone-chilling Norwegian Christmas commercial:



NY confirms 290,000 fully vaccinated people infected with omnicron!, hospitalizations of the vaccinated skyrocket!

Incentives for positive PCR test and use of experimental drugs – hospital gets a 20% bonus


WestJet blasts feds’ travel advisory as being ‘not based on science’



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