Headlines for Jan 1, 2022

(New Years fireworks over Moscow)

Celebrity Extermination Program

27 Beloved People You’ll Be Super Relieved Are Vaccinated

“Betty White, we’re still waiting…” (March 21, 2021)


More Evidence the COVID Fake-Vaccine is Embedding MAC Addresses

Trudeau Government Will Import 1,088,000 Immigrants In 2022-2023



Manitoba minister who refused to discuss vaccine status dropped from cabinet


Jordan Peterson On Trudeau’s Vaccine Edict: “You’d Have To Kill Me First”     — Crickets from Canada’s government subsidized mass media.


Manitoba Eyes Security measures as Politicians Under Personal Threat



betty-white.jpeg(Betty White’s vaccine status has NOT been confirmed.)

Doctors Paid $1,000 For Every COVID Patient They Euthanize In New Zealand



Former lesbian professor relates what changed her heart



Colorado fires- Direct Energy Attack–Trees Untouched  


 Essential article from Doctor’s Digest

“The correct public policy with Omicron is to immediately suspend vaccination – something that should have been done long ago given the major adverse events that exist with the current generation of “vaccines”. Any policy aimed at promoting or coercing the “vaccines” including mandates and passports should be immediately suspended.”

commie-trigger.jpg(courtesy https://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/2021/)

Isla R-  Victim of covid “vaccine”

“3 hrs ago

24 year old 5 months post Pfizer vax one dose – most persistant symptoms left to go are:

Full body numbness/altered sensation inside out head to toe; Weak limbs; Brain fog / confusion; Extreme fatigue; POTS symptoms; Weird aches and pains;
Tinnitus. I started off with over 20 symptoms!

Anyone else have these symptoms how are you doing? “

 Some countries are starting off with vaccine passports which will become social credit passports, others are going straight to CBDC.

Bank Of Mexico Announces Its Own Central Bank Digital Currency By 2024


Makow– Currency is already digital. Digits are symbolic of “value.”  The real issue is whether cash will be in wide use.
South Park Comedy Awards

The Least Funny People in the World  (Germans)



Remember to be politically correct when you’re being mugged or car-jacked.

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