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A couple of weeks ago, we learned what a group of South Korean doctors found when they looked at the contents of Pfizer and Moderna vials under 400X magnification after they had been heated up to human body temperature.

They recorded images of a perfect disk-shaped object reminiscent of those from a Pfizer vial photographed by South African microscopy expert, Dr Xandré Botha. This reportedly began to turn and spin, despite being beneath a cover plate. They also recorded a long, stringy wormlike-looking object/organism, which began to move in a particular way, as soon as it was warmed-up to human body temperature, as well as these twinned striated organisms. A Dr Young Mi Lee will supposedly be coming forward soon to make an announcement confirming these findings.

Spanish biostatistician, Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna did a different experiment, in which he allowed a drop of hydrogel from a Pfizer vial to dry completely and he was shocked at what he saw under 1,200X magnification. The vial contents had apparently self-assembled into what he describes as “microcircuitry” or maybe a “micro-router”, which he thinks may be what causes some vaxxed people to emit a MAC address.

He becomes very agitated during this video and shouts that this is the worst abomination that has ever been done to human beings. He calls for the removal of Spain’s current president and he urges everyone to take his images and to file complaints against the doctors who injected them.



Hello and very good evening to everyone. First of all, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. However, I’d also like to share with you some chilling images.

Remember throughout this time, throughout the week, we’ve even done a live stream about what’s inside the Pfizer vaxxine (he holds up a vial) and we’ve said that there’s some graphene and some, let’s say artificial structures.

But now, I want you to see what we have on the screen. Actually, it’s what’s under the microscope and that, logically has creeped me out.

We have to denounce this en masse. Everybody has to go out immediately to the streets and expose what the entire world population had been inoculated with.

All your neighbors, all your friends, all your relatives have been jabbed with what you’ll see now: Circuitry, Microtechnology inside the body.

I’m going to share with you on screen what’s on the “object holder” [delivery vehicle].

This is one of the droplets that that had dried from last week. When the hydrogel dried, it formed these images that we’re going to share right now. Let’s zoom in so you can see it. Look at the object we found in the Pfizer vaxxine. I’m going to be moving the viewfinder downwards.

There are four strange corners. Four perfectly square, angular shapes and circuitry inside. These are electronic components.

This is what’s formed at the base. Here are what appear to be ceramic capacitors or some other type of electronic component or circuitry. As I said, this is part of the contents of the Pfizer vaxxine.

Here’s another perfectly artificial corner. Let’s adjust the image a little bit. Here and here too. This is microtechnology. It’s probably a micro-router. This is probably…what causes people to emit MAC addresses.

In other words, this is microtechnology is being introduced into our family members, into people who have been totally deceived.

[Loudly] How is this not going to cause blood clots? How is this not supposed to cause all kinds of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks? How is this not going to cause arrhythmias?
[Shouting] I beg the entire medical community to immediately end this covert genocide!

This is what’s inside the Pfizer vaxxine! This is what’s visible after 4 or 5 days after waiting for the sample to evaporate.

We can not allow, for one more second, for these people to give one more injection, especially to our children!

That’s what’s inside the vial. That’s what needs to be denounced! Please share this video all over the world. Share this video on all your social networks and with these images, go directly to the court and file a complaint!

Because I, Ricardo Martín, DNI 79.202.099N [Spanish National ID number] (“N” for Navarra) will go to testify and I will take the sample with me.

I’m going to change the magnification. Let’s see it bigger. In case there were any doubts; in case you doubted anything.

This isn’t a crime. It’s much worse than that! This is the most complete humiliation and abomination that has ever been done to human beings. Ever!

There’s no longer any kind of doubt here. No doubts! This is an artificial spawn. Let all the SOB contrarians try to tell me what this is – like that “dissident” group that doesn’t look at anything under a microscope!

The corners are perfectly square. This is microtechnology. We’re on the order of 1,200X magnification right now. You can see it clearly. This is a few tens of microns in size. And this is what has been introduced, what has been injected into everybody’s body. Good Lord!

Either we just stop these genocidal people right now and put them straight into jail or hang them directly in a public square.  Otherwise, they will end the whole human race! Understand?

Let’s try this. While we’re at it, recording all sorts of images and I have stopped on this object, because I had the imperative need to share it with all of you.

Let’s try another magnification…Please share the live stream with everyone. Crystal clear, right? Even so, people will say we’re “conspiracy theorists”. Even so, they’ll call us “deniers”.

This is what’s inside the Pfizer vaxxine. I appeal to all of the judges and magistrates in our country: Either you do something and abort this immediately or we go directly to the courts and turn them all upside down. And we go as we have to go because this can no longer be tolerated.

Either you take Dr Campra’s report that proved all this and more or we take another type of measure, because this cannot be allowed in any way.

(Shouting) Summon me to testify! Just summon me!

I repeat, I Ricardo Delgado, DNI 79.202.099N (with “N” for Navarra). I offer myself before any prosecutor, magistrate, judge of out country – and any other part of the world – to show what’s inside the vaxxines. To prove what’s inside the vials.

This is a real genocide. A real genocide. A crime against humanity. And we cannot allow this, since it’s being done taking advantage of peoples’ ignorance, illiteracy and unawareness.

Please take these images to the outpatient clinics and public hospitals. Please do me this favor and summon me to testify!

And please immediately remove this imposter who calls himself the President of the Government from office!

I think that’s more than enough. I’m sorry for having expressed myself that way but like any human being, I get emotional but not in a good way, because this is an abomination.

Take these images and take them directly to a court of law.

I have given all of my personal details and I’ll take the sample, which I’ll keep carefully of this Pfizer vaxxine together with a specific batch number, whose provenance I have from the healthcare worker who gave it to me at the meeting in Seville and let’s all go denounce this actual genocide!

We cannot tolerate this atrocity for one more minute!

I’ll end this here. Good evening and as I said Happy New Year to all.

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