The Truth About Mass Psychosis


Mass Psychosis, also known as Group Mind, Mob Mentality or Herd Mentality – before modern civilization, we lived in herds and in order to survive in the herd, we conformed to the herd.

This is where Mass Psychosis all stems from.

The most popular examples of explaining Mass Psychosis are typically angry mobs and violent riots but these are merely the end results.

Mass Psychosis begins when an individual mind starts to identify as a member of a group based on any unifying factor. The unifying factor doesn’t even need to make sense.

For many people, the feeling of unity is enough. Our ego mind innately craves acceptance and by default, will instinctively form it perceives to be the majority.

In order to successfully conform to the group, the individual must put aside personal intuition and follow the guidance of the group. This makes a person highly-controllable and spiritually stifles the individual, which causes them to crave group acceptance even more.

Man’s disposition for Mass Psychosis has been written about for millennia, most notably, in ancient scripture and philosophy.

And we all experience this as human beings, whether we reflect upon it or not.

Plato argued that due to the nature of Group Mind, democracy always leads to tyranny and subjugation. His concern was the lack of good leadership and philosophized on ways of solving this.

In 1895, Gustave Le Bon published ‘The Crowd’, wherein he explains the key processes for cultivating Mass Psychosis: Anonymity, Contagion and Suggestibility. This work is known to have influenced leaders, businesses and tyrants, of which the ethics has been written about for decades.

And yet, AP and Reuters outrageously claim that Mass Psychosis does not exist, when it is, in fact the corporate media apparatus to which they belong that makes this all possible, waging psychological warfare on a group of the population who believes the media would never lie to them.

This is why the term “Mass Psychosis” is arguably a better term than “Group Mind” or “Mob Mentality”. A change on the field of consciousness occurs; a devolution from Divine Inspiration into primitive hierarchy, which has no place in a civilized society. And yet, here we are.

Without Mass Psychosis, today’s leaders would have no power. Just like advertising, everything about politics is about cultivating Mass Psychosis.

Whereas, the individual pursuit of happiness hs inevitably led to beauty and innovation, creating and controlling groups of people, which has been the biggest power play on Earth for all of recorded history, almost always leads to death and destruction, the science and study of Mss Psychosis could be used to enlighten humanity, by educating the individual about the power and potential of the human mind.

But today, the very same corrupt media being used by the wealthy elites to divide and enslave us says there is no such thing as Mass Psychosis.

Mass Psychosis is humanity’s burden to outgrow. It is why we accept the lesser of two evils.

Many of us are well aware of the frailty of man and the civilized world. The great psychologist, Carl Jung’s warning to the world was that the individual must come face to face with their own shadow.

In order to accomplish this, one must liberate themselves from the collective.

And till enough of us do, society will continue to be led by tyrants and ignorant mobs.

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