Greatest Reset: Rick Wiles Reveals More From Upcoming Film

This is TruNews. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help us, God. Doc Burkhart is out sick today. So too is our control room board operator. Please pray for their speedy recovery.

Since it is just me here in the studio today, I asked Matt Skow to put together a collection of interviews he recorded for the Greatest Reset film.

Here’s who you will see today and what you will hear.

*Pastor David Lynn will talk about man trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel.

*Dr. Carrie Madej will talk about transhumanism and our obligation to protect our bodies as the temple of God.

*Dr. William Briggs shares his insight about how the news media manipulated the public with its coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic.

*Dane Wigington talks about our responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation. And former freemason David Gray talks about his experience in Freemasonry and the dangers of pursuing secret knowledge.

Production of the Greatest Reset is moving along quite well. We expect the film will be released in early March.

You can stay up to date with this film by visiting [The Greatest Reset](

Airdate 1/17/22