Fake Biden Again Shames Himself on the World Stage

On rare moments when appearing in public, the fake Biden represents an emperor sans clothes.

Reading or paraphrasing lines scripted for him to recite, the know-nothing imposter embarrasses himself on the world stage.

It’s why he’s largely kept under wraps, showing up only occasionally for short periods before ushered away from public view.

The regime he represents is the most recklessly dangerous in US history.

At home, it’s waging all-out war to exterminate maximum numbers of unwanted people by kill shots and all else flu/covid related with maximum harm in mind.

It’s heading the nation toward greater despotism than already.

Abroad, it’s pushing things for aggression against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

Perhaps against China and other nations free from US control as well for war on multiple fronts able kill us all if unleashed.

Along with reciting a litany of bald-faced Big Lies, the fake 

Biden ignored the most dismal state of the nation in modern memory.

It’s at a time when real unemployment is 25% with inflation topping 15% and rising.

It’s when record numbers of Americans in all age groups are dying — state-sponsored kill shots the main culprit.

It’s when most US workers earn poverty or sub-poverty wages with few or no benefits — and no future prospect for improved conditions.

It’s when the greatest wealth transfer in world history more greatly enriched the US super-rich at the expense of the vast majority of others.

It’s when ruthlessly exploiting them to benefit the privileged few is hard-wired US policy.

It’s when tyranny is the law of the land on a fast track toward becoming full-blown.

It’s when the risk of nuclear war is greater than any time since the atom was split around 90 years ago.

It’s when dominant US hardliners represent an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

It’s when world peace hangs by a thread because of their megalomaniacal rage to dominate other countries, loot their resources and exploit their people as impoverished wage slaves.

Since usurping power by the most brazen election fraud in US history, the illegitimate Biden regime caused more harm to more people in one year at home and abroad than any other ruling authorities anywhere throughout their time in power.

Most harm done is hidden from public view because official sources and MSM suppress it.

Everyone jabbed one or more times with kill shots was irreparably harmed, their lifespans greatly shortened.

US hot and cold wars rage against dozens of invented enemies.

China’s Global Times noted “(t)he hollowing out of the US economy.

It’s reflected by the unprecedented  “gap between the (super) rich and” all others.

After one year in office illegitimately, the fake Biden’s 33% approval rating seems poised to head lower.

Only Richard Nixon and Harry Truman fared worse in presidential polling.

Three in four Americans believe that the nation’s greatest threat is internal.

China’s official People’s Daily broadsheet accused hegemon USA of “trampl(ing) on global unity” and risking greater war than already in pursuit of its hegemonic aims to rule the world unchallenged.

In response to how the fake Biden once again shamed himself on the public stage, Tucker Carlson called Wednesday’s spectacle “awful…weird and embarrassing…to him(self) (and) the nation,” adding:

“(F)unding, (arming, and virtually running) corrupt…Ukraine, (he’s risking) hot war (with) the nuclear-armed Russian military.”

The illegitimate regime he represents will likely attempt to repeat election theft in 2024.

When kill shots and all else flu/covid are causing unprecedented harm to countless tens of millions, the Biden regime’s solution is more of the same.

The goal of his regime is mass-jabbing “8 billion people in the world by force,” said Carlson.

The fake Biden’s low approval rating shows that most Americans are fed up with the regime he represents.

Given his own troubles for partying when ordinary Brits were in lockdown, the Boris Johnson regime surprised on Wednesday.

It announced an end to flu/covid passports in designated public places, an end to masks for school children and in communal areas indoors, and an end to working at home.

Will Biden regime hardliners go the same way, stay the course, or harden their draconian policies?

If past is prologue, the latter policy is most likely for what in hindsight may be seen as the most reviled regime in US history.

All Biden regime flu/covid related policies aim to cause maximum harm to maximum numbers of people at home and worldwide.

Its anti-Russia rage — based on Big Lies and mass deception — risks setting the world ablaze.

Never before in modern memory were so many people harmed and endangered by a ruling regime hell bent for mass destruction of humanity on an unparalleled scale.

That’s the dismal reality of where things stand today after one year of illegitimate Biden regime rule.

With another three years to go, will humanity survive its onslaught? 

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