Makow- Plandemic Part of a One-Sided Race War

When you finally figure out that Organized Jewry is waging a genocidal race war against whites, using “vaccines” to murder, maim and tag you & your families, you’re going to want to lynch every Jew in sight.

Aggrieved people are the first to persecute other innocent people.

As an assimilated Jew, I urge you to vent your anger against the perps rather than the dupes.

As you know, Organized Jewry, a.k.a the world central banking cartel, has installed a leadership class of non-Jewish opportunists and traitors (Freemasons, Satanists) in literally every field.  I urge you to direct your anger at these Jewish central bankers and their Jewish and Gentile proxies –and not at the stupid, clueless average Jews like my family.

My family has suffered enough as result of the machinations of Satanist Jews like the Rothschilds. They financed Hitler and the Nazis murdered my grandparents. (Apologies to readers who think no Jews perished in WW2.)
My parents were orphaned in their teens.

by Henry Makow PhD

Connect the dots.
All the talk about “systemic racism” disguises a diabolical Cabalist Jewish race war against people of European origin.
1) In a sensational interview, Dr. Lee Merritt claims the “vaccines” are racial bio weapons. She says they do not harm Ashkenazi Jews. That would contradict this website devoted to adverse reactions suffered by Ashkenazi Israelis. Are all these Israelis crisis actors? Is this site a Mossad psy op? Or more likely, are assimilated Israeli Jews also the target? Israel seems to engaging in the covid charade with the best.

2. CRT- Critical Race Theory is based on the assumption that people of European heritage have no right to be a majority anywhere. This is called “white supremacism.” In fact, CRT is organized and funded by Organized Jewry. Jews have a homeland in Israel but whites are considered Jewish rivals, and are being dispossessed. 

3. Black Lives Matter. Diversity. Multiculturalism.  Organized Jewry is replacing whites with racial minorities who will owe allegiance to them.
4. Illegal migration. Same as above. It’s possible that males will be drafted into the military and used against patriots. 

5.  Miscegenation is encouraged and normalized in commercials and entertainment.
6.  Cancel culture.  Whether it’s statues or curriculum, European heritage is being erased. Whites” are blamed for Western imperialism and the slave trade which are essentially Cabalist in nature.

7. Art, education and culture have been replaced by Jewish (Communist) agitprop. “Wokeness” is Communist Jewish political correctness and mind control. This is why Jordan Peterson recently quit teaching at my alma mater, the University of Toronto.


When you connect the dots, the picture that emerges is that of a vicious ongoing one-sided race war.
The reason whites don’t recognize that the plandemic is a big part of this race war is that so-called “anti vaxers” are chosen by their willingness to avoid the J-word.   The American “Right” is largely false opposition.

What they say about the plandemic may be true but anyone who describes it in terms of this race war is moved beyond the pale. While there has been over a million deaths and adverse reactions from the “vaccine” gene therapy, the die-off has not reached has not reached anywhere near the billions forecast for the flu season by Jeremiahs like Friar Bugnolo.  Have people received placebos?

In any case, the “Masonic Jewish Conspiracy” is very real. The Protocols of Zion are genuine. Being “antisemitic” is just facing reality. But Jews are not monolithic. Focus on the Cabalists (Satanists) who are both Jewish and Gentile.


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