Trucker Convoy to DC Planned

Will thousands of activist Canadian truckers one day be remembered for turning the tide against mandated made-in-the-USA/West kill shots and all else flu/covid?

Their activism inspired a likeminded initiative by US truckers to follow their example.

According to on Monday:

Interest among American truckers for a Convoy to DC 2022 is gaining traction in response to what’s going on in Canada.

Organizers say that they’re “part of many large groups who believe in our founding fathers,” adding:

“We believe everyone has a voice.”

“We support our freedom.”

“Help us spread the word about this group and together we all can make it a better place.”

According to the initiative’s Facebook page, over 94,500 truckers intend to join a Convoy to DC at this time, their numbers continuing to grow.

Its Facebook page says:

“USA Is Waking Up!!! SHARE!!!”

“Thanks Canadian Truckers for Giving the Example!!!”



#truckersforfreedom #canada #USA

“Welcome to the revolution.”

“It is time to take a stand and take our country back.”

“(L)et’s get this thing going.”

“We can do it.”

“End the unconstitutional mandates.”

“Unite for…freedom to dictate our own health.”

Organizers and supporters oppose flu/covid mandates, including proof of being fully-jabbed to pass freely between the US and Canada in both directions.

According to host of The Disrespected Trucker, Jeremy Johnson:

The “Convoy to DC March to Freedom (is planned to) roll out on March 1.” Details to follow.

It’ll cross from the US west coast to Washington DC. One supporter said the following:

“Truckers are convoying all over the world, and we’re going to have a convoy to DC from California.”

“God bless every trucker that’s out there fighting for us the people.”

“That’s what the government is supposed to be for but they’re not so we count on our truckers to fight for us.” reported that “(m)any US (truckers) expressed hope that a similar demonstration as the unprecedented convoy Canadian truckers just accomplished will be replicated.”

“Convoy to DC 2022 details (are) coming soon.”

Organizers said it’ll begin from two California locations (likely in northern and southern parts of the state) on March 1 to rally on arrival in DC.

In the 1950s on leave while in the military at Ft. Ord near Monterey, California, I drove cross-country to New York City.

It took five days of doing little more than driving long hours, breaking for meals and bedding down before more of the same the next day to complete the 3,000 mile+ trip.

It’ll likely take about a week for Convoy to DC truckers to complete their cross-country trip to the nation’s capital.

On Monday, co-organizer Brian Brase said from now until March 1, he expects numbers of US truckers involved to “grow exponentially,” adding:

“A lot of groups are coming together.”

“We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.” quoted one of the organizers, saying:

“We’re done with the mandates.”

“We’re done with the government telling us what to do.”

“We will continue, and we will follow just like the rest of the world on these trucker protests.”

Inspired by many thousands of Canadian truckers and supporters in Ottawa, “America is next,” what organizers call a trucker-led revolution against flu/covid tyranny.

According to a Facebook posting:

“We have reports that the White House is in FULL panic now as they try to stop a convoy to DC.”

“They won’t succeed.”

“The convoy to DC on FB (grew to) 110,000 members from 60,000 (the previous day.”

The US has lots more truckers than Canada.

If the Convoy to DC gains greater traction with growing thousands getting involved and staying the course, the initiative will represent vital resistance against draconian mandates from hell.

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