Rayan reminded us of our humanity and ability to unite

Moroccans gather during the funeral of five-year-old Rayan Awram in Chefchaouen, Morocco on 7 February 2022 [FADEL SENNA/AFP/Getty Images]

Morocco and the Arab world was gripped by sadness when five-year-old Rayan Oram died after a five-day operation to rescue him from the deep well into which he had fallen. Social networks and news websites in Arab and English have since become a global book of condolence for the child, who succeeded in uniting our hearts under a single word: humanity. This sense of humanity shines through years of political and ideological conflicts that drove us apart. In theory, therefore, it should now be easier to unite the Arab people — indeed, the whole of mankind — if not the dictatorships that govern them. Unity is at the core of the human soul, too many of which are astray. The […]

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