Biden Fully Committed to Starting War with Russia, No Matter What the Consequences

Russia has said they aren’t going to invade Ukraine. Ukraine has said Russia isn’t going to invade Ukraine. But the Biden Regime is heavily arming Ukraine to get them fighting and the Fake News is screaming that war is imminent.

In a telephone call on Sunday, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy invited Joe Biden to visit Ukraine, saying, “I’m convinced that your arrival in Kyiv in the coming days, which is crucial for stabilizing the situation, will be a powerful signal and contribute to de-escalation.”

It will be interesting to see how the Biden Regime responds, as it is clear that they are fabricating a Globalist casus belli with Russia, when the real casi belli are Hillary Clinton’s spying on the Trump campaign and presidency, the Russia Collusion Hoax and Mueller Investigation, the fake Trump impeachments, the theft of the 2020 Election and the COVAX economic attack and genocide.

On Friday, Special Counsel John Durham filed the Government’s Motion to Inquire into Potential Conflicts of Interest in the Michael Sussmann case. This filing accused the Clinton campaign of paying tech operatives to spy on the Trump campaign and later, on the Trump administration’s servers, which is Watergate times a thousand and for which people must go to prison.

The “Tech Executive” in the Durham filing is Rodney Joffe. Joffe’s direct point of contact with the 2016 Hillary campaign was Jake Sullivan. Yes, the same Jake Sullivan who is now Biden’s National Security Advisor in charge of Ukraine.

Of course, the Fake News is studiously ignoring all of this.


Mike Adams can get overly blackpilled sometimes but I think he’s right about this:

“The Biden regime is a criminal, illegitimate, enemy occupying force in America. They did not win the election. They rigged it in multiple ways…and they thought that they could lock down and conquer America with COVID and that’s what they tried at first.

“Now, that has failed. The backlash is growing by the day and it’s already enormous. People aren’t putting up with it anymore.

“We’ve won that war, believe it or not. We’ve already won that war. It doesn’t mean we can let off right now. But we’ve won that war. They can no longer use COVID to enslave us via mask mandates and social distancing and lockdowns and economic damage and all this stuff.

“So, because of that, they need a new crisis and in order to get a new crisis, they’re going to create it and that’s what this is all about. Well, that’s part of what this is all about. There are other motives in the situation with Ukraine, going back to the Clintons and the Biden family and massive money-laundering and documentation, records and so on that they want destroyed.

“And a lot of those records are kept in Kyiv, by the way. And so, the Bidens and the Clintons, they want Kyiv to be bombed and destroyed, even if they have to do it, themselves…

“Let us all call and end to this criminal Biden Regime. You are not the President. You do not have the support of the American People, and should you start this war, you will become war criminals at a whole new level, beyond the war criminals you already are, when it comes to vaxxines, COVID and everything else.

“But if you’re going to launch a war and blame Russia, that puts you in the category of Hitler, the Nazis. If you’re going to carry out those war crimes, we will call you out every step of the way and we will demand peace, we will demand that cooler heads prevail, we will demand negotiations.

“If you have an issue with Putin, talk with Putin and by the way, stop moving NATO missiles closer and closer to Putin’s border. He has a legitimate complaint about the fact that we are pulling a Cuban Missile Crisis against Russia by moving NATO missiles ever closer to his border…and stop subjecting the Ukrainian people to this insane tug-of-war, where the people of Ukraine are going to be the victims, here if Biden proceeds with this false flag operation.”

Mike sees this is as a ruse to create wartime conditions to prevent the 2022 Mid-Term Elections, to enact gun confiscations and to throw conservatives in concentration camps; in short, to continue their reign of terror and their Globalist/Communist takeover of this country, to collapse civilization and the current economic system so they can “Build Back Better” with their Great Reset with a world digital currency and their China Model social credit score slave system.

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