Biden Regime Fake News About Russia: For What Purpose?

What can interventionist Blinken and other Biden regime hardliners hope to accomplish by putting out daily fake news about a nonexistent Russian plan to invade Ukraine?

On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova highlighted White House “hysteri(cal) provocations, disinformation and threats,” adding:

“The whole world is watching (hegemon USA’s) militarism and imperial ambitions…”

Russia’s geopolitical agenda is worlds apart from US forever hot and cold wars on invented enemies.

On Friday based on US-supplied talking points, Germany’s Der Spiegel claimed that Russian war on Ukraine will be launched on February 16 — citing CIA fake news, adding:

“(C)oncrete routes of the Russian invasion…have been described.”

The Scholz regime didn’t confirm or deny the above claim.

According to WaPo fake news, German, French and UK leaders  “are trying…to stop a looming ground war involving Russia on the European continent” — not planned or forthcoming by Moscow.

Western leaders and at least most others know that Russia has no hostile intentions against Ukraine or any other countries. 

If greater war than already erupts in central Europe, it’ll be made in the USA, not Moscow.

So what’s behind the daily drumbeat of fake news about Russia?

When no attack by its forces is forthcoming, will the fake Biden and hardliners around him say their claims about an invasion of Ukraine got Vladimir Putin to call it off?

Their demagogic mumbo may fool mind-manipulated Americans like countless times before.

Western and at least most other leaders know that Russia is a preeminent peace and stability advocate threatening no one.

On Saturday, Putin and Biden again spoke.

So did Lavrov and Blinken, Russia’s  Foreign Ministry saying the following:

“(T)he propaganda campaign by (the Biden regime and Western co-conspirators) about Russian aggression…encourag(es) Kiev” to continue nearly eight years of war on Donbass.

“(T)he reaction by Washington and Brussels to (sought) security guarantees which we submitted ignores provisions which the Russian side considers to be key, first and foremost on the non-expansion of the alliance and the non-deployment of strike weapons near Russia’s border.”

Lavrov once again debunked phony accusations of planned hostilities by Russia toward Ukraine.

He wasted time and effort by meeting with the BoJo regime’s imitation foreign secretary Truss last week.

He repeated the mistake by more talks with interventionist Blinken on Saturday.

So did Putin by speaking with the fake Biden again on the same day.

The US side pretends to prefer diplomacy in dealings with Russia while engaging in provocations and threats.

The Russian side pretends that it can engage with a nation that prioritizes forever wars, shuns peace, and pursues bad faith in dealings with nations free from its control instead of the other way around to resolve differences.

When Russian talks with US or other Western officials are called constructive or words to that effect, it’s code language for accomplishing nothing positive — a waste of time.

Ordering most of its embassy staff to leave Ukraine immediately on Saturday was Biden regime head-fake deception at a time when no Russian or other foreign threats exist to the country or any other US allies. 

The same reality applies to deploying a few thousand more US troops to Eastern Europe near Russia’s border.

It applies as well to Western leaders and other officials engaging with each other on European security at a time when no nations on the continent face foreign threats.

Clearly no Russian threats exist to any nations anywhere.

Reality doesn’t stop the daily drumbeat otherwise.

Ongoing for weeks, there’s no end of it in prospect — even though no one is fooled by fake news claims on all things related to Russia and Ukraine.

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