‘Garage For Sale’: How Ukrainians Profit From Russian Threat (Video)


While the economic situation in Ukraine is suffering from overblown hysteria on the alleged Russian invasion, Ukrainians seize the moment to promote their businesses.

On February 16, Zelensky declared the day of national unity. A festival was held on the main square of the capital, and several curiosities were not avoided.

While the global news media gathered in Kiev to show Russian tanks entering the city, someone symbolically turned on the USSR anthem on the gramophones around the city.

Then, during a live broadcast, a drone with an announcement about the sale of a garage and straw flew over the main square of the country. The MSM were greedy to show ads for free and stopped the broadcast.

This is a new level of viral content distribution, which will definitely be consumed through Google adsense and will bring political hype and money to its creators. This performance clearly demonstrates the attitude of the Ukrainian people to the ongoing hysteria and definitely marks a new development of modern hype.


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