Biden Regime Proxy War on Russia

Pentagon and CIA elements orchestrated and are directing escalated Kiev aggression against Donbass that’s been ongoing over the past few days.

Heavy cross border shelling continues.

In “35 minutes” on Friday, “50 projectiles exploded,” the Donetsk News Agency reported, adding:

DPR authorities intend “to evacuate 700,000 residents to Russia” so they’ll be out of harm’s way.

By decree on Saturday, DPR head Denis Pushilin called on “all males capable to take up arms to rise to protect their families, children, wives, and mothers.”

The Lugansk People’s Republic acted in similar fashion.

On Saturday, LPR head Leonid Pasechnik signed a decree for all males aged 18 – 55 to be enrolled into the People’s Militia.

Civilians are being evacuated to Russia, largely women, children and the elderly.

Buses already evacuated tens of thousands cross-border.

On Saturday, Russia’s lower house State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said the following:

“Russia doesn’t want war.” 

“Vladimir Putin repeatedly said this earlier and is saying this these days.”

“If danger arises to the lives of Russians and compatriots living in the DPR and LPR, our country will defend them.”

Donbass refugees arriving in Russia are being given 10,000 rubles to support them, along with shelter and other humanitarian aid.

In response to escalated Kiev aggression on Donbass, Sergey Lavrov said the following on Friday:

As directed by its higher power in Washington, “the Kiev regime has been grossly violating its obligations for many years.” 

“Every time we coordinate additional ceasefire measures, Kiev sabotages them.”

It’s been this way since Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements were agreed on over seven years ago.

Separately on Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “(t)he military-political situation in Europe continues to deteriorate.” 

“Russia’s proposals on security guarantees are aimed at improving this situation, but we have never received a clear response from” hegemon USA-dominated NATO.

Over the past few days, Kiev forces committed hundreds of ceasefire breaches with likely full-scale war in mind.

Short of invasion so far, perhaps it’s coming ahead as part of Biden regime proxy war on Russia by attacking Donbass with Ukrainian proxy forces.

With trustees that include interventionists Blinken, Brian Hook, and likeminded extremists, claims by the forever war supporting Wilson Center don’t surprise.

Ignoring Biden regime orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbas that’s been ongoing for nearly 8 years and just escalated sharply, the WC defied reality by accusing the “LPR and DPR (of) threaten(ing) Ukrainian sovereignty (sic).”

The neocon infested Atlantic Council (AC) is notorious for weaponizing hysteria against nations on the US target list for regime change — notably Russia, China and Iran.

As expected, it falsely blamed Vladimir Putin for made-in-the-USA aggression by Kiev against Donbass.

AC member, former de facto NATO head as its deputy secretary general, Alexander Vershbow, reinvented his own fabricated reality as follows about what’s ongoing along the contact line between Donbass and Ukraine, saying:

“This crisis was entirely fabricated by Russian President Vladimir Putin (sic).”

“There is currently no threat to Russian security from NATO or Ukraine that can justify more than one hundred thousand troops he has deployed to Ukraine’s borders”  — not there “and (not) poised for attack.” 

“Ukraine is at the center of this crisis solely because its very existence as an independent (sic), democratic state (sic) threatens Moscow’s ability to dominate its neighbors and reverse the changes in Europe since the end of the Cold War (sic).”

A further litany of Russophobic Big Lies followed.

Vershbow ignored the Obama/Biden regime’s Feb. 2014 Maidan coup.

He was silent about Ukraine’s transformation from democratic governance to Nazi-infested fascist rule.

Nor did he explain US control over the country, colonizing it as a vassal state to do its bidding.

Or that democracy in Kiev is banned.

Or that its people are repressed and exploited, Russian nationals mistreated by reinventing them as fifth column threats.

Under US control, Kiev’s tyrannical rule is a festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

Escalated aggression on Donbass aims to get Russia involved to protect its nationals in harm’s way — a scenario explained in a same-day article.

What’s going on along contact line was made-in-the-USA with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

At this time, it remains to be seen how things play out — notably whether Moscow can foil the Biden regime’s proxy war on Russia and regional peace by using Ukrainian foot soldiers for escalated aggression on Donbass.

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